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chgrasse on 12/14/2013 at 08:14PM

Best Of Breitband Vol. 6

Best Of Breitband Vol. 6 (ssoosay, cc-by)

It's been quite some time since we curated one of our Best Of Breitband Compilations. Finally, here it is: Vol. 6 is ready to go on your player, smartphone, computer or wherever you may listen to music! Best Of Breitband Vol. 6 is a compilation of songs that have been featured on our radio show and podcast "Breitband", a weekly show on new media and digital culture, airing every Saturday at 2pm on German Public Radio Deutschlandradio Kultur. Every week, we play six tracks of music that can only be found on the web, most of it comes with a Creative Commons licence, allowing everyone to share the songs. We hope you will enjoy the 24 songs that are somewhere between Indie, Pop, Electronic, Folk and Hip-Hop.


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tanomontini on 07/26/2012 at 09:16PM

I want to introduce to

  • http://2NERD.infoExperimental Free-Mind Artists // Inteligent Electronic MusicInstant Bloggin influences, extremely sharing expression of art
  • Starts with a music bloggin that dig in new genres with the same interest in this new epoch that we're living: high resonance of artistic expresion and cultural movement. This works like a "last influences" portfolio in "real-time", of the independent and free-mind artists expression in music, sharing to the world.Hip-Hop Beats, electronical experimentation like IDM & Glitch, Circuit Bending, 8Bits and genre waves like chill step, Post-Dubstep sincronization of feelings, a big list of Inteligent Electronic Music.
  • 1 SET PER MONTH - FULL MUSIC REVIEWMonthly reports are uploaded as mixed sets promoting genders in a selection of emerging artists, and invite the participation and cooperation between musicians to weave styles and forms executed in full live sets.2Nerd attempts to capture the energy emotive from who created a work to shape it and merge it with other, and then, increase it to the sense of groove, promoting what sounds from the bottom of the hole, lifting ideas and connecting them to strangers long borders.
  • So begins a celebration for free and independent art!From various media channels flowing together, we create this staging, a show that works as a database of information continuously creative.A surf-live happens on reviewing the expressions and human tools, wherenew art is shared with exaggeration.Improvised Beats, Glitch Hop, street poetry, the bass sound. Integrated circuits, Chip-Tunes, VCRs, video games, movies intervened, projected objects, photographs aliveConnected, the expressions become organic electronic, euphoric experienced between waves of young and emerging genres.Please Visit:
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chrisandrews on 11/07/2011 at 12:38AM

Dyke B joins Sans Blanc for 11/11 gig

Durrant - Dyke B - Lefevre of Sans Blanc

The controversial rappess Dyke B has kicked out Amy Le Fleur for the 11/11 gig at Colchester Arts Centre UK as la merde a frappé le ventilateur in the Hedge Studios last week. With new Dyke B mixes of Hot Tea her own Dykedub tracks on the FMA Modluv album Kristoff Lefevre and Pierre Durant are shifting gear for the start of the Sans Blanc Colchester tour. 

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rap, hiphop, dubstep
S27 on 08/08/2010 at 10:02PM

[S27-051] Jimmy Penguin - The S27 Double Bluff

Presenting the first Section 27 release from Jimmy Penguin, one of the people behind Galway’s ‘Community Skratch Games’ , a member of the infamous scratch ensemble ‘Vince Mack Mahon’ and also a Dj / Producer in his own right, comprising two seperate EP's - "It's Not Dubstep" and "What A Mess" - into one unified body, the affectionately named "The S27 Double Bluff" brings a high standard of emotive electro hip-hop arrangements fused with piano and strings to give a slick sound and another shining entry to his alarmingly prolific catalogue of music.


For the High Quality FLAC Version, please click HERE

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LCL on 06/02/2010 at 03:55AM

Recto Versus 2 compilation : Dub and much more...

[LCL21] Recto Versus 2

   LCL netlabel just released the second volume of hte "Recto Versus" serie, where an artist from the label remixes and is remixed by other musicians, coming from LCL or invited.

   After Volfoniq on volume 1, the second opus of the "Recto Versus" serie puts an artist from the label at the center of a vast collaborative work that lasted for one year and spreads over several countries.
   The aim of the project is to push further the use of creative commons licences and promote them widely, while exploring all the aspects of a musician style with his own eyes and foreign ones.

   Arrogalla involved several artists from Sardegna (his birthplace) that produce folk related electronic music just like him, as well as european, american and asian producers from various musical styles.
   Thru 20 tricky tracks, together, they expose their vision of a generous and universal musical language, using numerous sonic vocables : dub, ska, lofi, dubstep, minimal, electronica, chiptune, funk, deviant hiphop, grime ...

   Explore this compilation on FMA, and learn more on the release page on LCL netlabel website.

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