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LCL on 09/01/2014 at 03:26AM

HipHop straight from Ukraine

Out of our usual line, we're releasing a HipHop album straight from Ukraine.
Sun Sunych offers you "Hybris", a 15 tracks LP in russian & english with many featurings.
Heat from the east !

Check the release page on FMA for more information :

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ukraine, hip hop
studio11 on 01/22/2014 at 02:01AM

Steve Anderson - Late Night Girl

Steve Anderson - Late Night Girl (Studio 11 Classics)

As a major contributor to the Studio 11 music engineering team, Steve Anderson has also found time to produce his own collection of top notch tunes. Not only does Steve have a fabulous voice, he is a consumate musical producer as well. Of the innovative collections that Steve has produced, his album "Late Night Girl" best sums up his vocal abilities and production skills.

We caught up with Steve for a brief interview covering music life and music making in the same

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saviodemartino on 01/10/2014 at 04:55PM

Sanremo Giovani 2014 - Ma l'amore non si spiega - Savio De Martino - [SELEZIONI]

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studio11 on 12/10/2013 at 08:12PM

Studio 11 Free Beats Archive Volume 3 - Studio 11 Crew Offers Up More Free Beat Treats!

By Alex Gross

Late this year, Studio 11 welcomed veteran engineer Kris Anderson to the crew at Studio 11. Experienced in numerous genres of music, Kris has an exceptional knack for whippin' up thick slamming hip hop beats. I spent many a late night up at Studio 11 helping him to assemble this bangin' free beat set. Kris likes to work in Protools, so most of the beats are rooted from the Protools sequencer and soft synths.

Thumbing through the tracks, "City Scene" has a playful rotating synth and deep island bass sounds. "Military Green" hits hard with a refreshing upbeat clap sound that drives the track. "Shoulder Gold" kicks in with deep bass drive and lush synths yielding a refreshing feel good vibe. "Vunk" hits real nice with an opening marimba sound and some splashy synth runs. "Safety Pins" opens with a bombastic bass and upbeat winding synths. "Striped Umbrella" features a hard driving sensitive vibe highlighted by a soft electric keyboard melody. "Super Swanky" dives deep with a lush pad and a wide pulsing drum sound. "Outfit Game" features huge drums and a funky off beat key comp. "Zillion" lands with a sinister vibe highlighted by huge synth stabs. And lastly, "Plush Toys" features a playful harmomelodic soundset and thick 808 drums.

This is a great mood set for video instrumentals or the basis of vocal arrangements!

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hip hop, instrumentals, beats, rap
studio11 on 12/10/2013 at 07:51PM

Studio 11 Free Beats Archive Volume 1- Classic Beats From T.V.'s 'Change Of Heart" Show And More...

As part of the first offering in Studio 11's free beats series we've dug up a selection of beats from our library which happened to appear on Warner Telepictures classic "Change Of Heart" show and other shows in that time. Cleaning out the studio has never been an easy task for us here at Studio 11. In addition to mounds of paper work from days long gone by, we have hard drives and disks filled with droves of material ranging from dance music to hip hop. Seeing that some of the material may have seen its best days, we found no better solution to offer the free beats up via the Free Music Archive and Creative Commons to ensure their lasting enjoyment! In this collection you will find a series of beats that were made in a hip hop tone as backing tracks for television circa early 2000's. You may notice most of the tracks are shorter and tend to "kick" right in. This is preferred amongst video editors for more efficient cuing. The first track "Naturally Smooth" appears on the old production cue sheet above - which we managed to come across while evicting years of paperwork! Fear not! there is more to come...

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