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elementperspective on 05/25/2012 at 06:18AM

back number of EPV...elementperspective084''DT.BG.''



DT.BG. is an artist who destroyed the structure of the music itself.

His sound is everything to nothing.

what remains after we hear...............

It is only just silence.

no synthesizer,no computer,no Insturuments,no overdub!!!! all sound by hand made electronics, metal junk,effects.


:: back number of elementperspective ::

elementperspective084 / DT.BG.

released 02 November 2011


If you download this album at bandcamp, immediate download of album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire and get special bonus

3type artwork & wallpaper for iphone (lock & home screen) ...

:: Free Download ::

artwork & design by ono (elementperspective)  & DT.BG.




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lizb on 01/21/2010 at 09:43AM

Free Abuse from Lydia Lunch

"Marry me for money!" a man in the crowd yelled as Teenage Jesus and the Jerks approached the stage at the Music Hall of Williamsburg for the final night of WFMU Fest last October. Frontwoman Lydia Lunch invited the fan closer to the stage, calmly instructing him, "Open your mouth." The man did as he was told, and in return got a mouthful of Lydia's spit. The crowd reeled with delight and disgust; the performance had begun.

These no wave legends assaulted New York for 30 minutes, 30 years after their first run, with the same harsh, guttural vocals, piercing guitar murder, and thumping minimal drums. Teenage Jesus and the Jerks' lineup this time featured original members Lydia Lunch (vox, guitar) and Jim Sclavunos (now on drums), plus ex-Swans bassist Algis Kizys.

We're lucky to have a few songs from TJJ's incredible WFMU Fest set to offer you, check out "The Closet" below. And after the jump, a mix of ugly music dedicated to Lydia Lunch.

More WFMU Fest goodies: a rocking performance by Talk Normal, and be sure to check out Faust's set on Brian Turner's archive from this week. More on the way...

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