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wmmberger on 09/05/2013 at 05:18AM

Jamaica-Queens-The World; Psychic Limb Live on My Castle of Quiet Pseudo-Finale

What makes a great grind band? Doing as much as you can in an average of 43 seconds' song duration, flexing those ferocious chops from all angles, and, though this may be hard to explain to someone whose ears are attuned to pop music and the traditional song form, a certain "catchiness," an anthemic propulsion that will make the listener/receiver want to propel oneself into the pit without a care for personal safety. Psychic Limb have all these qualities, in spades.

I've liked these guys from the second I heard them, they stand out mightily from the pack of late 2000s grind on bandcamp and elsewhere, and they make records that stand firmly amongst the classics of the genre. And yes, they can and do reproduce it all in person.

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ange on 03/22/2013 at 08:15AM

New York's Alright: Contemporary Punk & Hardcore Festival

If you love punk music, it's an incredible time to live in NYC. In celebration of the current surfeit, New York's Alright will be kicking off 4/20 weekend with a slection of comtemporary punk and hardcore bands from around the world. In anticipation, you can download this free mix of bands who will be playing the fest including the Altered Boys, Bad Noids, CREEM, Hounds of Hate, No Class & Nomad. These are all live performances expertly recorded on WFMU's Distort Jersey City with Deed Runlea.

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wmmberger on 03/07/2013 at 06:04PM

WARNING - Giant, Pre-historic Shark Attack! IDES Live on My Castle of Quiet, 12.21.2012

©Wm. Berger

NJ's IDES did what I'm always a sucker for—treated their live WFMU appearance as something unique and special, considered the medium / opportunity of a live radio appearance, and planned accordingly. In addition to their mini-masterpieces—tight, well-composed songs of 40 secs. to one minute in length, they bridged those songs with a series of improvised, powerful "interludes," cleverly paced and sequenced passages of enthused energy.

I knew immediately upon hearing IDES for the first time that they were a cut above simply another hardcore band, with an intensity and dedication to their sound that transcended genrefication. They pretty much played straight through their 22-min. onslaught, wound tight as a battlefield tourniquet, though there were two ever-so-momentary "breaks," which is where I cut up the otherwise-continuum presented here, for your mp3 enjoyment, stream or download. 

Like the predatory sea mammals we have today, the Megalodon cannot stop, or it dies, and the sonic charisma of IDES remains intact. The band have an incredible "swing" to everything they do, such that even an old fart like myself can daydream about careening off the stage head-first into the pit; all you'd see of me would be the flat heels of my Converse hi-tops, back when such footwear actually sort-of supported my meager arches.

The noise bridges are welcome, carefully placed throughout the set, and sound casually great, miles away from anything even remotely half-arsed. So, the verdict is and remains that New Jersey is a reliable, consistent font for all things hardcore and punk, and beyond; look just across the Hudson, 'cause great things are happening.

Can't thank the band enough for playing, adding yet another outstanding, highly memorable live performance to the ever-growing WFMU / My Castle of Quiet pantheon. Thanks also to engineer Juan A. for the reliable, versatile and casual application of his considerable talent, translating the often-chaotic happenings across the double-glass into something radio-ready and highly listenable.

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paulsmith on 11/08/2012 at 10:00AM

Distort Jersey City: Pink Reason & Nuclear Santa Claust Live

Pink Reason

If the Free Music Archive has started sounding a little more hardcore to you lately, shake your quiet down fists at WFMU's Distort Jersey City. Here are a couple acts they've recently recorded live.

According to their Facebook, Pink Reason’s interests are tragedy, suffering and excess. Hailing from eternal swing state Ohio, the Columbus quartet recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. They’ve toured Europe, Australia and New Zeleand, releasing a slew of albums, singles and E.P.s in between on the Siltbreeze label and Savage Quality Recordings. Singer Kevin Failure’s impassioned growl underpinned by Matt Horsehit’s rhythm guitar make for lofi that’s as excessive as it gets.

Nuclear Santa Claust, as the name suggests, are both toxic and explosive. With Jim Orgin and Zach G’s shared vocals and three chord strums and Brenden Beecy’s crusading drums, the trio wears its Ramones inspiration on its leather jacket sleeves. But the NSC sound is more frenzied and ramshackle than its predecessors. ‘Bikini Island’, off their self-titled 2011 EP is the Rockaway Beach for a polluted generation.

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wmmberger on 10/02/2012 at 09:00AM

Pissing, With Contrast; Divorce Money Live On My Castle of Quiet

©Wm. Berger

Brooklyn's exceptional Divorce Money, one of the finest, mournful, hardcore bands around (who for whatever reason have not been released on Youth Attack, though their eminence and songwriting parallels the best releases on that label), brought something a little different from the careening, tortured pleasure of their 7" EP and tape, to their My Castle of Quiet live appearance. I'm a sucker for artists who consider their radio set to be an in-its-own-world kind of event, and this one was was borne out of sheer circumstance.

Down a drummer for the night, after having rescheduled with the show once already, Divorce Money more than rose to the occasion, bringing something no less "punk," and definitely no less tortured, though musically more along the lines of the best jams of Missing Foundation or Flipper. Friend of the band Jonathan C. stepped in quite admirably on drums, tapping out a mighty dirge into the night, with DM members Rene on vocals and Alex on guitar (with much feedback, yes!)

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