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wmmberger on 10/02/2012 at 09:00AM

Pissing, With Contrast; Divorce Money Live On My Castle of Quiet

©Wm. Berger

Brooklyn's exceptional Divorce Money, one of the finest, mournful, hardcore bands around (who for whatever reason have not been released on Youth Attack, though their eminence and songwriting parallels the best releases on that label), brought something a little different from the careening, tortured pleasure of their 7" EP and tape, to their My Castle of Quiet live appearance. I'm a sucker for artists who consider their radio set to be an in-its-own-world kind of event, and this one was was borne out of sheer circumstance.

Down a drummer for the night, after having rescheduled with the show once already, Divorce Money more than rose to the occasion, bringing something no less "punk," and definitely no less tortured, though musically more along the lines of the best jams of Missing Foundation or Flipper. Friend of the band Jonathan C. stepped in quite admirably on drums, tapping out a mighty dirge into the night, with DM members Rene on vocals and Alex on guitar (with much feedback, yes!)

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Uncle_Dracula on 08/26/2012 at 05:36PM

Underground for 20 Years

FREE SHOW celebrating the 20th Anniversary of NJ Hardcore band, Rest Assured? (also singer Jay's 40th Birthday). Jay also operates Roacho 13 Records, releasing tapes, vinyl, and CDs since the early 90's, along with putting on shows, many charitable, and mostly all-ages for as many years.

Friday, September 9th 2012


Rest Assured?

Torture Architect

Dead Serious (featuring Ryan Bland of Home 33)

Ruins Of Akora

@ "the BLVD"  401 Boulevard in Elmwood Park, NJ 9PM 21+



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