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massdist on 02/01/2018 at 01:26PM

Jonah's Field Recordings from Africa and Asia Up Now!

Jonah Rapino always carries a handheld recorder around whenever he travels. 

And then when he gets home, he edits and compiles these recordings into unique and awesome releases.

He's done it forever, whether tripping around the USA, while making awesome collages for his own albums, or in this case - a couple trips he took in Asia and Africa.

Jonah was over there touring with Devil Music and Debo Band but the whole while he was recording the street, jams, behind the scenes, conversations, whatever...

These are a couple of my favorite Mass Dist records. Amazing stuff.

Check them here:




Or better yet, press the PLAY PAGE button at Handheld Recordings and your next few hours are gonna be awesome.

Thanks and you're welcome.

Playlist below:


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