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Mikkie_Mills on 04/10/2019 at 04:20PM

How to Better Travel with Your Guitar

If you play the guitar and you want to perform you will have to travel around with your guitar. Luckily a guitar is not the biggest instrument to carry around, there are basses and kettle drums that are a lot bigger and heavier. With that being said it is important to understand that your guitar can still get extremely damaged if you do not take care of it while traveling. It is impractical to buy a new guitar every couple of months so to safe money and time you will need to keep your guitar safe and sound as you travel around with it. Whether you plan on doing some serious overseas traveling or just heading over to the next city you need to be prepared for your travels.


Here are 5 ways you can keep your guitar pristine while traveling:



Traveling with an instrument makes life a little harder and can quickly become a drag if you do not have the right kind of transportation. If you have a car that is super small it may no be able to fit your guitar in the backseat or in the trunk. A lot of cars such as the toyota camry, will have a lot of space for your guitar and other equipment that you and your band may need to carry around.


If you start a band and you travel around a lot with them you may want to consider purchasing a moving van that will let your band store all of their equipment so you do not have to continually rent a moving van or use several different cars.  


Where You are Going

You could be going to your friend’s house or you could be traveling across the country or even be going to another country. Wherever you are going is going to be different than storing your guitar in its stand and practicing your guitar in your room. Where you are going is important is because you will need different options and different items. If you are traveling in a plane you will need to do some things to keep your guitar safe from being broken.  



You are going to need a case, which will be discussed in a later section but there are other items that can make your life easier while traveling with a guitar. There are guitar humidifiers that keep your guitar nice and moist if you are traveling to a place that is extremely dry and does not have a lot of humidity. There are also foldable stands that make storage easier because regular stands are awkward to carry around and store.



There are a lot of different cases out there on the internet and at different music stores. There are two main types of guitar cases: hard and soft. One is not necessarily better than the other but both serve a different purpose. Depending on your situation you may want a hard or a soft case and a lot of musicians will have both for different types of travel. A hard case is a smart idea if you are traveling in a bus or have a storage trailer that will likely have boxes and other items on top of your guitar. A soft case is more lightweight and perfect for taking your guitar to and from lessons or school.



Traveling in a plane is different than driving a car. You will need to take extra good care of your guitar when traveling in a plane. With the changes in pressure it is easy for your guitar strings to snap and damage your guitar. To prevent this from happening you will need to loosen your strings so there is little to no tension in your strings. If you are checking your guitar you will want to put foam padding around the inside of your case so your guitar does not break when getting moved around.

What are some things you do to keep your guitar nice while traveling around? Comment below to start the conversation.

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patroux on 05/05/2018 at 12:33PM

Patroux Ambient music

French composer with more than 7 millions listening and 700 000 downloads of his compositions PATROUX is influenced from great artists as Jean-Michel JARRE, VANGELIS, YANNI, TANGERINE DREAM , KITARO, Klaus SCHULZE, Steve ROACH etc...The huge technical progress in computer world associed with many new sophisticated softwares to create music and simulate great sounds (Virtual instruments) allow him to compose many different ambiences that anyone could classifiy as New Age, Ambient, Cosmic Music, Relaxation, Folk Rock, Electronica etc. You can listen, share or download his 25 Free albums published here : (around 400 titles) or watch more than 450 videos made already with his music here :




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sardanpavlov on 06/12/2015 at 11:56PM

Power Moves Catalog Uploaded

Finished catching up with the Power Moves imprint in Toronto today - as of now their entire back catalog is uploaded, including label proprietor Kevin Cahill's latest as Running Point, and a more gregarious collection from "Power Moves technician" James A. Toth, aka Sloom. 

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Ending_Satellites on 10/15/2014 at 02:30PM

The lost tapes Vol. A | Ending Satellites new EP

More than a year after the concept album And so sing the black birds, Ending Satellites is coming back with a new 3 musics elpee called The lost tapes Vol. A.

You can of course find this elpee on Free music archive.

First try of a b-sides collection, this Volume A – which contains three musics – highlights the warm melodies of a flamenca guitar, far away from the first productions of the project. You can see this elpee as a musical escape from the two first Ending Satellites albums, 7 billion passengers | Only one flight & And so sing the black birds.

You can download a deluxe edition (contains musics, pics and digital material) of The lost tapes Vol. A by clicking here.



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La_bl_netlabel on 09/02/2013 at 07:32AM

[LBN020] Nick Rivera – “The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird / Coma” (Single)

This is the single from the new Nick Rivera's album called "Zamalek". Zamalek is an island in Cairo in the middle of the Nile. But also a neighbourhood, something in between.
This album is about the sky you can't see from this island and the things that swim in it.
Zamalek is a warm cuddle from your trusted friend, a fist in the nape from your best enemy.

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