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jason on 01/15/2013 at 10:30AM

New Pop Fusion and Gangsta Rap From Brazil's Capital of Happiness

Beto Wilson of Lá Eles recording at WR Bahia studios, photo by Humberto Borges via Subterrâneo Records

Subterrâneo Records brings new Brazilian pop fusion and gangsta rap from Salvador, Bahia. "Brazil's capital of happiness" has always been a vibrant hub of musical invention where styles meld to form new genres. Salvador's Carnival, the world's largest party, was the first place electric guitar was heard in Brazil. Samba originated in the region, which is also the birthplace of tropicália pioneers Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, and more recently of styles like Axé and samba-reggae and that mix local Afro-Brazilian genres like Forró with calypso and other carribean influences.

Lá Eles' six-song debut Infinito continues Salvador's grand tradition of fusing regional music with new influences. Check the electric guitar pulsing through "A Pulso," the reggae groove of "Ouro Bahia," the smooth trombone & trumpet lead on "Pela Cidade," the samba percussion instrument agogô on "Retirante," and the dash of synth sprinkled throughout. With a slew of guests guided by the voice of Beto Wilson, Infinito is so well-crafted and pristinely-produced that its complex time signatures breeze by effortlessly.

Infinito is only the third release from Subterrâneo Records. It is the follow-up to this hypnotic low-riding gangsta rap single from Oddish featuring guest MC's Banha and Neto Bicho-$olto:

Oddish and Lá Eles were both featured on Subterrâneo's eclectic debut compilation, Você Pensa Sub. We're looking forward to what's next from this vibrant young label!

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Fusion_Netlabel on 10/12/2011 at 09:51AM

[FN_36] Shema - Aborval 8 bit

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