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kademlia on 03/20/2014 at 12:30AM

Ain’t No Love: Tears of Joy

Ain't No Love: Tears of Joy

Ain’t music produced better than with love?

This probably is the mantra of rising urban group Ain’t No Love, which, after wowing indie music fans with slicker-than-slick tunes via their self-titled EP, returns to FrostClick and FrostWire with a slightly moody yet incredibly delicious Tears of Joy.

Spreading their trademark “renegade pop” to audiences of other crowd-pleasers such as Iggy Azalea, Steve Aoki, and Calvin Harris, you bet your judgmental auditory senses that Saidah, Beanz, and 1990 aren’t amateurs – something that over 116,500 downloads of their first FrostWire feature Ain’t No Love EP can definitely attest to.

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kademlia on 01/03/2014 at 01:15AM

FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Volume 4

FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Volume 4

And the time has come again to share with you all the best of 2013 FrostClick/FrostWire features had to offer. From blues, to pop, electronic, hip-hop and rap comes 12 of our favorite tracks from our favorite artists. Till this date, FrostWire Music Promotions have directly generated over 6,7 million album downloads – thank’s to you for checking out the artists and thanks to the artists for recognizing BitTorrent & file sharing in general as the future of music distribution and promotions!

Last year over 294,000 of you downloaded our Mixtape Vol. 3 – lets take those numbers even higher this year and celebrate artists that want their music downloaded freely and shared as widely as possible!


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natalieee on 01/03/2013 at 02:26PM

FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Volume 3

That's right! 2012 is over! We've had another amazing ride this year: we've reviewed a new free & legal album download for you every day [yes, weekends too!] and promoted 23 hand picked artists with our sister software FrostWire. With thisFrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Volume 3 we would like to celebrate over 2,1 million free and legal downloads [and still counting!] generated only in 2012 by our promotions and the many additional ones that came from all FrostClick readers who fell in love with new artists found though our site.

If we would have been distributing our promotions still on CDs and lined them up by the shorter end side by side, we would need 162 miles [or 260 kilometers] of road to do so!!!
If we would have been distributing our promotions still on CDs and had to manufacture them all, we would have ended up with over 290 thousand pounds [or 131 thousand kilograms] of plastic!
If one download would equal one fan and all our artists would do a concert together, they would fill more than 118 Madison Square Gardens to accomodate them all!!!


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dvd on 08/02/2012 at 12:30PM

MP3 of the Day: Fhernando, "(I Need Ya) L.O.V.E"

Intent on recreating an aesthetic pioneered by the 80s, Mexico-based musician Fhernando brings back the funk in Last Days of Disco.

The young DJ is not a stranger to the music scene. Since his teenage years, Fhernando or Fernando Ramires Rios has been composing music and has already released several EPs and singles. His most recent album, Sweet Addiction produced a lot of buzz on music websites.

Featuring 12 tracks of musical bliss, Last Days of Disco will transport you into an era of upbeat yet soothing melodies (via Curator Frostclick).

Fhernando at:

Free Music Archive | WWW | Facebook

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kademlia on 01/04/2012 at 04:00PM

FrostClick presents: FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape 2

FrostClick presents: FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape 2

Yes! The time has finally come. It was a thrilling ride all throughout 2011; a ride that led us to discover some truly amazing artists whose music made our mornings worth getting up to and turned each evening into one unforgettable party!

Today we want to celebrate all that talent and over 2.3 Million Free and Legal Downloads our promotions generated only during 2011.

We proudly present to you the Second official FrostClick/FrostWire mixtape. And just as before, all of the music in this compilation is available as a free download under Creative Commons. So get yours now and open your ears to some new great quality music!



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