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onlinehiphopbeatscom on 02/16/2019 at 04:08AM

Free Beats

Hey, FMA members, My name is Makaih Beats, and I've given away 2 albums worth of free instrumentals here on Free Music Archive, and people from all walks of life have downloaded and used them in their projects which is inspiring.

Of course, all of my work is not free and if you want access to a exclusive library of my beats with the rights to use them in your projects (over 400 tracks and growing) My private club is now available to FMA members (

With The Makaih Club, you'll have access to 400+ instrumental tracks that's been already proven to capture peoples attention...We've already licensed our background music to the likes of: Adidas, GoPro, Microsoft, Smule, & Over 20K youtubers and independant creators, and now we're opening this up to a select few communities around the web

Click here to join the Makaih Club

Quick Recap of what you're getting

  • No commitment, Cancel online anytime
  • Extensive Catalog containing almost a decade of work 400+ instrumentals and beats
  • New Instrumentals, Beats and Other Content Added Several Times a week
  • Access to bonus material such as Drumkits, Loop Kits, Sample Packs, and Open Collabs
  • Proven Track Record (We've worked with Adidas, GoPro, Microsoft + Some of the biggest music and Karaoke apps)
  • Over 30 million people have streamed these tracks and we've gotten over 300K followers from these instrumentals (people love them)

The membership contains a variety of instrumental tracks ranging from smooth soulful tracks to aggressive hard hitting trap beats for montages so you'll have something for every project with the rights to use them

Impress your clients by having access to music from a high profile producer with over 30million streams and 300K followers Our tracks contains soul (music made with certain chords and progressions that make the listener feel familarity and warmth or tension and aggression)

Click here to join the Makaih Club

Check out some of the beats from my latest Beat Tape below

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studio11 on 03/13/2014 at 11:14PM

Studio 11 Chicago - Free Beats Volume 4 - Kris Anderson

Inspired by the rotating flux of Chicago hip hop and rap artists that come into Studio 11, this collection of beats written by engineer/producer Kris Anderson was meant to touch on the sounds of everyday big city and urban life. While the drums for each beat remain street in flavor, what makes this collection stand out is the many music influences Kris incorporates from Dub to Poppy Electro and even Industrial. Whether you are looking for that next potential hit song or the perfect music bed for your commercial or video, this collection will bring the streets to your beats. Also be on the lookout for additional volumes by Kris as well as Studio 11 producer/engineer Alex Gross on Free Music Archive.

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studio11 on 12/10/2013 at 07:51PM

Studio 11 Free Beats Archive Volume 1- Classic Beats From T.V.'s 'Change Of Heart" Show And More...

As part of the first offering in Studio 11's free beats series we've dug up a selection of beats from our library which happened to appear on Warner Telepictures classic "Change Of Heart" show and other shows in that time. Cleaning out the studio has never been an easy task for us here at Studio 11. In addition to mounds of paper work from days long gone by, we have hard drives and disks filled with droves of material ranging from dance music to hip hop. Seeing that some of the material may have seen its best days, we found no better solution to offer the free beats up via the Free Music Archive and Creative Commons to ensure their lasting enjoyment! In this collection you will find a series of beats that were made in a hip hop tone as backing tracks for television circa early 2000's. You may notice most of the tracks are shorter and tend to "kick" right in. This is preferred amongst video editors for more efficient cuing. The first track "Naturally Smooth" appears on the old production cue sheet above - which we managed to come across while evicting years of paperwork! Fear not! there is more to come...

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