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chrisandrews on 05/13/2013 at 09:33AM

Secret Jane at Colchester Arts Centre UK

Jos Dow Artwork

SJ are returning to Colchester Art Centre UK for an evening with The Family Elan and the legendary Mother Sky on JUNE 5th. With new tunes and a pickup on the Wonder Guitar I reckon this should be a good one of psych folk/world vibes/bluegrass/rock n vests, all for just £6!!!  (£5 concs.)




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wedidthisrecordsgmailcom on 02/03/2013 at 09:49AM

We Did This Records Comp 1

We Did This Records Compilations are a collection of past and present music made by friends in the South African DIY underground. Compilation One turned out to focus on some Folk-Punk, Post-Rock , with a little noise-rock and some other jams. Car Boot Vendors - Licking Batteries Ramblin' Bones & His Bloody Agents - Comrades With Fast Cars Dallas & Alexia - Death Wish Joy Moonflower - Mrs Anderson (Live) Cami Scoundrel - Like Spagetti Jon Shaban - The Square Root Of Pi (Live) Joy Moonflower and Captain Baker - They will fight for you King Dinosaur - Volcano Levels (Electric) Skollie! - Get Me Out Of Here All These Wasted Nuts - The Cat Song Sloppy Folk - You're gonna be fine The Trees - Dont Stop (Live Balcony Session) Monday Morning Justice - Veritas via Sin Dios Matt Vend and The Tender Ten - Highway 1 Zam Boney - Ballad Of A Simple Man Emma Hearne - i don't know why (Demo) Kabaal (klankbaan) - This town is for lovers Brett Newski - In Between Exits (Live) Us Kids Know - A Liar & a Thief Make-Overs - Celebrate The Harvest Sindrones - Orchestras Mark's Little Box - Track 2 Michael Way - Hello Mr Mackey FSD (South Africa) - Misfit Love

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