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Adrianna_Krikl on 03/14/2016 at 02:00PM

new EP "Sonic Escapes" featuring a bliptronic

Sonic Escapes is an unique, electronic 3-song EP. The inspiration for the EP was drawn from incorporating Bliptronic sounds into each song. A Bliptronic is an inexpensive minimalist, almost toy-like synth that creates simple patterns and retro style sounds. Sonic Escapes releases today on FMA as a free digital download.  The album will be open under a Creative Commons License. I want to encourage listeners to download, utilized and share the music.  I am a female-independent artist from Los Angeles who blends analogue synths, digital software, loops, and samples for a cinematic sound. The Flux Presents declares "Sonic Escapes is audaciously beautiful whilst keeping you engaged throughout." I hope you enjoy a listen.

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happypuppyrecords on 09/20/2013 at 03:00PM

Manos: The Remix of Fate

Manos: The Remix of Fate is still seeking submissions for their October compilation! Recently, Benjamin Solovey found a pristine work-print of the infamous bad film and has restored it for upcoming release on Blu-Ray and DVD. He also put up the soundtrack for free (pay what you wish) download on Bandcamp and the Free Music Archive under a BY-NC-SA license, which includes music cues and dialogue. 

Happy Puppy Records would like to celebrate this release by asking the Creative Commons music community to download the soundtrack and remix it! Any genre, any style... just no explicit adult material please. By submitting, you agree to license your track under the same BY-NC-SA license. If you include outside samples in your remix, please ensure they are of a similar sharable license.

Send your remix via dropbox, wetransfer, soundcloud or email if it's less than 25 mbs. 320 Mp3s or FLACs only. Deadline for entries is October 1, 2013 so we can have it ready for Halloween, which will please the Master!

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starstudios on 02/07/2013 at 06:21AM

Starbase Studios needs Star Trek music.

Starbase Studios, Oklahoma City.

Starbase Studios is an Oklahoma City based indepentent studio for Star Trek fan films.  We are providing sets and props free of charge for anyone who wishes to produce their own Star Trek fan film.  The studio is part of an association of fan film producers that has a good working relationship with CBS/Paramount who own the Star Trek franchise.  Fan films are not allowed to make money from their productions, therefor the budget for most productions is very limited and all the time and labor is a tribute to the Star Trek series. 


All of the productions need music for their shows.  Starbase Studios would like to start a collection of music appropriate for Star Trek TOS (original series) shows.  Anyone willing to donate their music will be fully credited on our website and in each show it is used in.  Star Studios will also provide a link from our website to any donating artist site that would like one.  Remember, all music needs to be in the TOS style.


1. Instumental only.

2. Preferable Orchestral although not limited to it.

3. Loops/electronic tracks are not appropriate to the era.


These are only general guidlines as each production will choose their own music.


Anyone interested in help the project can contact us through our website,  Visit our website at



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electronicmusik on 11/20/2009 at 11:01AM

Nosferatu - Fonik (soundtrack)

Nosferatu - Fonik

Live soundtrack performed during the showing of the Film Nosferatu.Music was completely improvised by UK electronica duo Fonik.The performance took place in late October 2006.Fonik have performed the live soundtrack to this film on a number of occasions including a sell out show at The Green Room (Manchester) on Halloween 2007.There is a DVD available with four interchangable soundtracks, contact [email protected] for deatails.

Formed by ex - members of Psychiatric Challenge to carry on the performance and promotion ofalternative, experimental forms of music and improvisation. They have releases on Electronic Musik,Casual Seizures, Earth Monkey, Classwar Karaoke & Knife in the Toas

Download Nosferatu here -

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