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jamesrichings on 03/02/2015 at 06:55PM

It’s Nearly Festival Season so Grab Your Hoodie and Shoes

Ok so maybe its not nearly festival season but it really isn’t as long away as you might think. The worst of winter is over and the days are getting lighter fast. The wind is still blowing, but hey it’s England what do you expect? There are a few festivals that I really want to go to this year, but the main one has to be Outlook in Croatia. I don’t even need to see the lineup but I’ve already saved up for my ticket. No matter what festival you go to however, planning what you’re wearing and taking with you is key for a good time. Personally, my usual festival wear consists of a hoodie and jeans. It’s always comfort over style for me. If you prefer to look good whilst seeing the latest chart topping DJ then that’s cool too. So whether you’re an Air Force wearer or you prefer to go with worldwide classic shoes more fashionable and iconic than trainers, such as wellingtons, my short festival clothes guide should help you decide what to take and what not to take.

Waterproof where you can 

Depending on where your festival is located, you’ll probably want to take waterproof clothing. If it’s in the United Kingdom, you’ll absolutely need to take waterproof clothing! That’s a guarantee! Even if its just a waterproof coat and nothing else, it could be a life saver if you’re waiting around outside for the next act to show up. Not to mention, getting rained on will eventually end up in you being freezing and probably a little miserable. If you don’t want to take waterproof clothes, just take enough dry clothes to be able to change often to stay relatively comfortable.

Baggy or Tight 

This is personal preference but you need to take clothes that you are comfortable in. If you prefer big and baggy, go for it. If you prefer tighter clothes that are lighter on your body, go for it. Doesn’t matter what style or types you go for just make sure you are comfortable. You might be in this clothing for days so if you’re wearing shorts that end up rubbing your thighs raw, it might be wise to throw them away and change into something a little less punishing! There is no right or wrong answer here! J

To Hippie or not to Hippie 

Ok so this one might not be for everyone but there seems to be a lot of people embracing this style at a lot of festivals these days. It’s not really my type of style but seeing a see of people with flowers in their hair with 60’s influenced fashion flowing to the music is an awesome sight. I’ve even dabbled in that style every now and again! If you want to hippie it up at any festival, trust me, you won’t be alone!


Still undecided on what to wear to your next summer festival? Don’t worry; you’ve got a few months yet to decide. But whatever type of music you’re into, from Metal, Hip Hop to EDM, make sure you take a few pairs of whatever you take with you because chances are you’ll need fresh clothes after a few hours!

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Noise_Problems on 05/04/2014 at 09:41AM

Sounds of the Underground Festival 2014

Another Sotu went by. This year´s Sotu was fantastic. Lots of stuff happening between OT301, OCCII, Vondelbunker and other places like the comic book shop "Lambiek", said to be the oldest comic book shop in the world, where we saw a live sketch battle. Awesome.  At the Vondelbunker an unusual black metal program was very interesting with the Black Decades and Mannheim.

Impressive also was the 24 hour feedback/noise event "Giant Noise Feedback Show" at the OT301 where a giant sound installation unfolded in all public spaces at the OT301: the main hall and its bar space, the 4Bid Gallery, De Peper, the cinema and the cinema bar. In all spaces, simultaneously, noise acts performed. Their signals were fed to the Radio Patapoe studio in the basement, where a mixdown went live! Then the radio signal was again pickup by the acts, who used the radio signal to feed it back into their stuff!!! There was even a small set up with a mixer were the audience and visitors could add their 10 cent to the performance. Needless to say Noise Problems loved the concept! Well done Sotu & OT301 & Patapoe!

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sackman on 05/15/2013 at 07:14PM

Primavera Sound 2013 Preview Mix

This year's Primavera Sound Festival is stocked yet again with amazing acts. The fest features trending artists including White Fence, Deerhunter, and Wild Nothing alongside epic rock influencers The Breeders, who will be playing their 1993 release Last Splash in full. The lineup offers a musical snapshot of past greats, while also featuring performers who recently have been garnering tons of attention.

One great place to check out the action captured at the fest is right here on the Free Music Archive, where many of this year's live sets will be recorded and posted. Check our collections from 2012 and 2011.

Here's where to download a sampler of performers who will be appearing at the festival this year.

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estandar on 02/27/2013 at 11:28PM


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woktherock on 10/25/2012 at 02:45PM

Indonesian Netaudio Festival 1 - 2012

Design by Wok The Rock

Indonesian Netaudio Festival is an offline event hold by the Indonesian Netlabels Union. The festival involves all Indonesian netaudio agents, observers, and listeners in Indonesia. Besides being a social gathering among netlabels, artists and fans, the event will also involve offline file-sharing, selling merchandise for fund-raising, discussion, workshop, film screening, and live music performance by artists who release their albums through the Internet. This first festival will also mark Yes No Wave Music's fifth anniversary.

Indonesian Netlabel Union is a collective movement of Indonesian netlabels that aims to create a network among netlabels and to introduce the local netlabels to the public also to be a vessel in evaluating music discourses in the era of information technology. The early steps include releasing compilation album series simultaneously on 1 January 2011. Five active netlabels that took part in the compilation are Hujan! Rekords, Inmyroom Records, Mindblasting, Stone Age Records, and Yes No Wave Music. Indonesian Netlabel Union also opened an offline booth for sharing and merchandising at RRREC Fest #2 in Jakarta, 3–5 December 2011.

Date: 16-17 November 2012
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
For further info and updates, visit:

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