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“Fabulous Diamonds” (Used 2 times)

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Scott_Williams on 11/11/2010 at 03:00PM

Fabulous Diamonds at WFMU Record Fair, 10/24/10

photo of Fabulous Diamonds by adoinel_2000, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic license

Melbourne, Australia's Fabulous Diamonds have haunted the periphery of my consciousness from the get-go.  Too subtle to beg or demand notice, their charms are more a natural ooze that works, without trying, to irrevocably attach itself to the listener at the chromosome level.  Which doesn't tell you dick about what they sound like, which is... let's say repetitive, rhythmically propulsive, melodically and harmonically static music that nevertheless is vertically dense and ever-evolving texturally.  Does that help?  Alright, my friend Sarah astutely said "they should've been on that (tribute to the Oneida song) 'Sheets of Easter' compilation"; compares them to Sun Araw and Gary War; and several publications have drawn lines to Blues Control and Naked on the Vague; all of these bands do ring in sympathy with Fabulous Diamonds.

Fabulous Diamonds are actually Nisa Venerosa and Jarrod Zlatic, drummer/singer and keyboardist/saxophonist, respectively.  They've been at this game since about 2007, when they released a 7" on Nervous Jerk, & Mistletone Records and toured the U.S. with longtime FMU faves Psychedelic Horseshit.  By 2008, they'd signed with underground Philadelphia stalwarts Siltbreeze, who have so far released 2 full-lengths by the band - a self-titled slab o'wax, and a CD called "II" on Chapter Music (song titles have yet to enter the picture, and we’re not holding our breath).

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