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KONTROLJET on 05/20/2017 at 09:03AM

Numeral Classifier For Round Objects [EP] - CONTROL-Z

CONTROL-Z - Numeral Classifier For Round Objects EP

01. Numeral Classifier For Round Objects (04:02)

02. Toy & Strings (02:08)

03. White Granulation (05:50)

04. CONTROL-Z vs KORG DS-10 as External Input Mix (04:00)



Catalog: SURR16

Release Date: August11, 2013



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slclabel on 06/12/2015 at 11:35AM

SLC14. No Human - Sky Resort

Formato: EP digital

Pais / Ciudad: España / Madrid

Año: 2015

Genero: Electrónica

Estilo: Techno

Canciones: 1.  Lies from NASA

2.  Systematic

3.  Transplantation.

4.  Cave dweller

5.  California bitches

6.  In a happy world

7.  Transplantion (Vred Remix)

8.  Transplantion (Rmnski Remix)

9.  Cave dweller (MÖ$Q Remix)

10.  Systematic (Periodo Particular Remix)

11.  Transplantation (Ángel García Remix)

No Human nos pone de nuevo a prueba, ritmos de vértigo y sonidos generados desde el entender de las máquinas. La potencia del Techno, ritmos rotos, aristas y bajos profundos, todo lo que necesita y desea Soisloscerdos. Gracias a las colaboraciones tenemos una publicación de lo más variada, sonidos electroides, subgraves, minimal, noise y acid.

No Human es uno de los seudónimos que utiliza Alejandro Moreno Gómez, productor afincado en UK, para desarrollar su faceta musical más underground. Como proyecto inicial comienza en 2009, influenciado por el sonido Chiptune, Glitch, Acid e Industrial, recopila material que incluye en Robotic Activity y Sky Resort. Es integrante de formaciones como Angle X, Cut-tape, Nuhg, Kid´s Fun Area o Adhar. Y también edita material como TheRoofman, su otro alias en solitario.

cisnwx7 / soundcloud / contact

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slc14, ep, soisloscerdos, no human
tmray on 08/25/2011 at 06:11AM

New Lorenzo's Music EP

Lorenzo's Music - Just Had To Let You Know

Over the last few months we've released songs we've written directly to our website for you to listen to and download.

We decided to put them all together in an EP CD.

With your purchase you also get a CD booklet PDF and a bonus track!

Get your own copy here.

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cabaret, rock, indie rock, ep
LCL on 12/20/2010 at 05:11AM

LCL23 : "Money No Mystic" (Reggae Dancehall EP)

LCL 23 Money No Mystic

More than one year after its initial release, Volfoniq's "Mystic riddim" comes back from a worldwide travel with new talented featurings from France, Mexico and Germany.

[LCL23] V.A. : "Money no mystic"
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) december 2010
CC by-nc-nd license


1. Au royaume de la monnaie (feat. Unity vibration)
2. Manifesto (feat. Bankil)
3. Digital system (feat. Garafe firm)

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dub, dancehall, reggae, ep
Tranzmitter on 04/28/2010 at 01:00PM

[TRANZ029] Jah kNomoh- Ina Digikal Highlights Of Brazilian Dub EP

RELEASE INFO:ARTIST: Jah kNomohRELEASE TITLE: Ina Digikal Highlights Of Brazilian Dub EPCAT#: Tranz029 RELEASE DATE: 21 April, 2010 FORMAT: Mp3/ 320kbps/ 44.100 MHZ <>Wav/16bitsGENRE: Electronic SUBGENRE: DubTOTAL TIME: 18min 34sec. SIZE: 44,3 MB

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