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jamesrichings on 04/14/2015 at 09:31AM

Putting on a club night doesn’t just mean you have to have music

I’ve had a fair few years experience putting on music club nights around the United Kingdom. From Brighton to London to Bristol, even abroad, the club nights I’ve put on have been great success and have run well for a number of years. But why does a club night just have to be about the music? How about putting on a night that has a different type of entertainment? I had an idea about a year ago about putting on a sort of club show, rather than a club night and I booked a few different club “acts” and “entertainment” rather than just music. What did I learn and what advice can I give to other people who are looking to do the same thing? I spoke to classique promotions, who specialise in event and corporate entertainment, to gain some further advice for this article and we agreed on this helpful advice for any of you who decide to choose to stage a different type of club night!

Bring the correct talent in

No one says that you cant have any music with this type of club night, however when it comes to booking the main act entertainment, you need to make sure you book the best possible for the price you have available in you budget. Have a look at your projected audience age and type of person you’re aiming for and book the talent accordingly. There’s no point booking a dance act, for instance, if there is no raised stage or platform big enough to hold all of them!

Check the club size

If you’ve booked a club that holds a mere 100 people, it might be slightly silly to book entertainment that will draw a much bigger crowd than that. For instance, you won’t make the money on the door due to people being turned away to avoid overcrowding. Likewise, if you’ve booked a club that costs a small fortune to hire and holds 1000 people, yet the entertainment you booked won’t draw a huge crowd, chances are you’ll probably lose money and the club wont have the same atmosphere. Be warned!

Health and Safety

With any sort of non music based entertainment, make sure you get to know the clubs health and safety rules and code so you can make sure your club goers are safe. Fire breathers, for example, will carry with it certain types of risks that a DJ wouldn’t and its important that you take the appropriate safety measures to stop the club or venue going up in flames. You could also be liable from a law standpoint so always make sure you check with the club first before booking the entertainment.

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BMXE on 01/16/2015 at 02:36PM

Pop Music feat. Michael Jackson

Pop music (a term that originally derives from an abbreviation of "popular") is usually understood to be commercially recorded music, often oriented towards a youth market, usually consisting of relatively short, simple songs utilizing technological innovations to produce new variations on existing themes. Pop music has absorbed influences from most other forms of popular music, but as a genre is particularly associated with the rock and roll and later rock style.The phrase “pop music” was first coined around the middle of the 1920's, it meant a piece of music had “popular” appeal. Numerous things that took place during the recordings of the 20's could be seen as being the start of the modern day pop music industry, which includes rhythm and blues music, as well as, country, folk, and others.


Pop music has been a profitable industry in America since the 19th century, but Early Pop/Rock is a style that took shape in the post-rock & roll era, once the more conservative elements of the record industry had come to terms with the new musical landscape. Popular culture is distributed across many forms of mass communication including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, movies, music, books and cheap novels, comics and cartoons, and advertising. It contrasts with high cultural art forms, such as opera, classical music and artworks, traditional theater and literature. In mass communication, the term popular culture refers to messages that make limited intellectual and aesthetic demands through content that is designed to amuse and entertain audiences. 


Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, the seventh of Katherine and Joe Jackson’s nine children. At the age of 5, Jackson began performing with his older brothers in a music group coached by their steelworker father. In 1968, Motown Records signed the group, which became known as the Jackson 5, and Michael Jackson, a natural showman, emerged as the lead singer and star. The Jackson 5’s first album, released in 1969, featured the hit "I Want You Back," and the group’s brand of pop-soul-R&B music made them an immediate success. Their musical popularity even led to their starring in their own TV cartoon series in the early 1970s.


Jackson released his first solo album, "Got to Be There," in 1972, while continuing to sing with his brothers. Six years later, in 1978, he made his big-screen debut as the Scarecrow in "The Wiz," an adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name. Directed by Quincy Jones, the film starred an all-black cast that included singer Diana Ross as Dorothy. Jones collaborated with Jackson on his 1979 album “Off the Wall,” which sold some 7 million copies worldwide. The pair teamed up again for Jackson’s now-iconic 1982 album, "Thriller," which went on to sell 50 million copies around the globe, making it the best-selling studio album of all time. "Thriller" is credited with jump-starting the era of music videos and playing a key role in the rise of then-fledging cable TV network MTV, which launched in 1981.With his record-breaking album Thriller and such international hit singles as “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” Michael Jackson became the quintessential ’80s pop star. Jackson’s ability to blend r&b with pop, rock guitars with dance beats, combined with his cross-format radio success and innovative videos to create a pop music template that is still with us today.

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leegrace on 01/18/2012 at 09:44AM

A memorable tete-a-tete with Killer Bee!

Naruto Shippuden

Aspirations often act as the driving force for an individual that push him further no matter, what kind of circumstances prevail. Naruto Shippuden is a similar manga series that focuses on the endeavors of a lad who wants to emerge as the Hokage of his village. Upcoming episode 244 shall bring further another segment when Naruto would have a tryst with destiny as well as adverse circumstances.The latest entrant into the already messed up life of Naruto is an interesting creature that goes by the name of Killer Bee. Watch Naruto Shippuden episode 244 online and catch up with this weird character that knows how to keep he tailed beast inside self under control. Needless to mention, that he could prove of great help to Naruto who is seeking training on this front.Upcoming segment titled, ‘Killer Bee and Motoi’ is due to make an appearance on small screen on January 12, 2012. It would be interesting to watch the repercussions of the training that Naruto has received at the Waterfall of Truth. Naruto Shippuden would showcase how Naruto would fair after confrontation with Dark Naruto. Those who are in love with this anime series can tread on the online path to get a real feel of all those nuances.Naruto had sought help from Killer Bee only to be reprimanded for Killer Bee had given the excuse of vacation to bid farewell to Naruto. Naruto Shippuden would showcase further development on this front. If Killer Bee acted in his quintessentially arrogant manner, then it was Naruto’s alter-ego, the Dark Naruto who challenged him at the Waterfall of Truth.Though Naruto and Dark Naruto both are able to give a tough fight to each other, yet this scuffle would also play a pivotal role in the forthcoming turn of events. Naruto Shippuden episodes bear testimony to the fact that the outcome of every fracas has tended to act either in Naruto’s favor or prove adverse for him and his troupe. However, the way circumstances have been folding up over the past few batches, they seem to bolster the confidence of this young boy. And even the fans of Naruto are assured of the fact that he has this ability of changing the worst of situations into his favor. It is exactly this notion that he has proven time and again be it any threat that has endangered the very life of Naruto. As far as his tete-a-tete with the Killer Bee is concerned, that is something which would linger for long in everyone’s memories.

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MikeMatthews on 03/26/2011 at 10:52PM

Mike Matthews interviews singer/songwriter Irene Pena!

Mike talks to the characters of his podcast THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!

HERE IS effizode 24 of THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH with special guest IRENE PENA!This is Mike Matthews bringing you another show from the one place on Earth that is the LAST place on Earth!  We have some great music waiting for us and Chely Shoehart, our 18 year old giftshop supervisor, makes a return appearance!  This week we have a very talented singer/songwriter from Seattle named Irene Pena.  She and I have an interesting backstory.  No, she's not an ex or anything like that!  We used to work at the same crazy corporation together!  And I mean CRAZY!!!  I ended up lingering within that very lopsided business far longer than Irene did, and it was to my own peril!  I ended up moving my wife and I to another state and then I got let go after a year.  Um, any cab money for the ride home, guys?  Oh, yeah, and that was one big BOYS CLUB!  And no, not the cool 80's band that featured members from The Jets and had one hit song "I Remember Holding You."  No, this was a bunch of unregulated a-holes pardon my francais!But after 2 years and several podcasts later, I don't miss that nutty company.  Yet thanks to social networks and the shrinking landscape in which we live, I was able to reconnect with Irene and hey!  She listens to the show!  So she's on this week.  Her self-penned tunes are awesome and you can hear them all right here!So my last guest, Hey Rosetta!, might be getting me onto the radio.  There was someone affiliated with them who is letting stations know about this show beyond what can do.  At some point we might be on the radio again!  If we just remain on the Internet forever, however, I don't mind because I know that listeners like you are loyal and I shall continue producing this show for you!  I am trying to get this show on the campus radio station of the community college I go to.  Of course, they don't respond to emails, even from student accounts supplied by the very college they work for, so I must track down the program director to ask if I can play this show on their airwaves.But stronger than airwaves, please tell all your friends about this show.  We can build this thing!  It's a regular show that's out every week that promotes cool artists and gives you a fun audio alternative to all the other stuff.  Which brings me to other podcasts out there.  Really, it's all down to just radio and tv podcasts as well as big name celebrity podcasts.  Where are the in-home made podcasts?  Where are the not-big names?  I wanna hear something different!  I wanna hear a music show that's also got comedy and variety in it!  When I look up podcasts using the "music" tag, all I get is just music.  Shouldn't it have talking in it since it's called a podcast?  If it's just music, maybe it shouldn't be called a podcast.  Maybe it should be called an album!Oh, and I'm really tired of turkey meat.  Just thought I'd say that.  The ground kind.  Used to think it was amazing.  Now, just tired o' it.So as rain cascades down and various storm drains become backed up, and oh how I praise you precious storm drains!, here is effizode number 24... can also subscribe on iTunes at!  Next week it's more of our interview with Eliza Doolittle who has since been at SXSW and featured in Entertainment Weekly Magazine!See you then!Mike

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