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NetMusic_Life on 02/14/2013 at 01:48AM

Machines in Heaven - "The Glasgow Jihad" (Black Lantern Music 073)

Aspetti il vento che senti scivolare da lontano. La stesse barriere incolore che i soliti profili corporei ti erigono per propria difesa. Eppure la primavera è qui e si fa ascoltare in ogni suo senso. Le scelte sono scelte nel campo delle innumerevoli opportunità. Restare fermi è una scelta, a volte masochistica e a volte provocata dal timore di un’oscurità che basterebbe illuminare di luce propria. «Machines in Heaven» provoca una beata sicurezza situata all’interno dei suoi precisi contorni elettronici. Pop? Royksopp? Techno-pop? Ha ancora un senso?"bordersbreakdown" si reiventa ogni definizione appena scritta nel suo svilupparsi in un trama progressive galleggiante in un lago post-rock illuminato da boe elettroniche. Il caso sta con le spalle al muro nell’angolo più buio della stanza.

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electro-pop, electronic
clinical_archives on 12/03/2011 at 03:00PM

Clinical Archives Mix - November 2011

Some best music and songs of November on a netlabel Clinical Archives.

01 - Riff Action Family - Not Ok (ca480) - 3:48
02 - Skala Collective - We will journey (ca477) - 3:06
03 - Ancient Lasers - The Last Americans (ca478) - 4:56
04 - Nöno -Tristeza (ca479) - 7:03
05 - Joe Frawley - Meditation (ca476) - 4:41

Total time: 23:33

Artists: Riff Action Family (Russia), Skala Collective (Poland), Ancient Lasers (United States), Nöno (Spain), Joe Frawley (United States)

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milchofsource on 10/01/2011 at 05:30PM

EeL is Japanese new style female vocalist

EeL is a female artist from Japan.

She creates electric punk music composed with a cute, funky, pop sound.

"Little Prince Loves You" is newly arranged by her in "Little Prince / EeL"

this sound is a blend of reconstructed Electric & Pop sounds, utilizing a variety of genres like old scool, break-core, funk and reggae.

It will excite you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lizb on 04/01/2010 at 09:00AM

Mutant Glitch Pop Comp

Recently discovered the UpitUp netlabel here on the FMA: mutant glitch pop for these modern times. The label has featured tracks by known pros like Vernon Lenoir and Dan Deacon, but also brings a ton of lesser-known artists to the table for some sonic magic.

I'm particularly enamored with UpitUp's "Back From the Future" compilation from 2007, which is chock-full of electronic fun with plenty of spastic knob-twisting. You would be wise to practice your robot dance moves prior to taking a listen, so you don't look like a complete idiot when you find yourself involuntarily busting a move.

Take a listen to a few of my favorite tracks from the comp below, and if you are doing the head bob or foot tap by the end, just download the whole damned thing. If you're poppin', lockin', or working your robot arms, I will prescribe a higher dosage of UpitUp.

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electro-pop, glitch
pushbinlou on 08/17/2009 at 01:57PM

Label Look: Miga

Rominger - photo by evasee

It's really great to see more and more amazing net labels hooking up with FMA to get the word out.  The Spanish net label Miga recently uploaded some very good releases from a number of their artists.  Miga is not just interested in music but also various forms of visual media as well as the combination of the two.

Out of the four releases on FMA right now, Music for Camping by Rominger (Perdi, Yeray and Leo) is my hands down favorite.  Playful, quirky, experimental electronic pop music is the best way to describe their music.  Check out the title track from this release as well as some of the other releases on Miga by artists such as Oto, Betelgeuse and Burdeos.

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