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ooray on 12/16/2014 at 03:45PM

A Wintry EP for the Busy Holiday Season

Snowglobe EP

The OO-Ray is back with a holiday gift for everyone. Utilizing his new skills in orchestration, the Snowglobe EP presents three miniatures dedicated to the frost, calm, and peace of the winter season. Piano and harp supplement these gentle, joyous, electroacoustic pieces. 

Please download, share, and enjoy with everyone this holiday season! My best to everyone who's been kind and generous enough to support me and my music this past year.

This recording is released under a Creative Commons Non Commercial Attribution Required license. Feel free to use and remix in your non-commercial applications as long as you attribute me.

The OO-Ray - "Drifts" (03:17)
The OO-Ray - "Drifts" (03:17)
The OO-Ray - "Flurry" (03:21)
The OO-Ray - "Flurry" (03:21)
The OO-Ray - "Willow" (03:34)
The OO-Ray - "Willow" (03:34)
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wormstudio on 06/29/2012 at 12:09PM

Mecha Orga & Roel Meelkop live@worm

Another concert from Implausible Music #1; Mecha Orga & Roel Meelkop


This duo did a residency at the worm sound studio that resulted in this piece, played live@worm, on the last day of their residency.

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mwalker on 07/19/2010 at 02:00PM

floating points

The term supergroup should not be bandied about lightly…or perhaps, used at all, considering possible connotations of ego-clashing wankery and undeserved hyperbole. Nonetheless, considering the ridiculously high caliber of musicianship/resumés/chemistry exhibited by the subjects at hand, I’m having a tough time resisting the urge to drop said nomenclature in reference to Volume(II) -- the new improv project of composer/electronic artist Stephan Moore, composer/flautist/electronic artist Suzanne Thorpe, composer/harpist/laptop-ist Shelley Burgon, and composer/avant-turntablist Maria Chavez …undeniable heavy-hitters in the Brooklyn/NYC experimental community that rack up a cumulative curriculum vitae about 100 times longer than I can provide in this forum. But to go ahead and rattle off a few: Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Mercury Rev, Stars Like Fleas, Ne(x)tworks, Thurston Moore, Pauline Oliveros, Lydia Lunch, etc, etc, etc.

This Friday (July 23) at ISSUE Project Room, the group will present their second-ever performance: a certain highlight of the fifth annual, Stephan Moore-curated Floating Points Festival – a month of new works utilizing ISSUE’s 15-channel Hemisphere speaker system (designed and constructed by Mr. Moore himself). Definitely not a performance to sleep on.

As a preview, the impeccable quartet has shared with us the full, 26-minute recording of their debut set - Volume(I) -  from last month at the White Box gallery, showcasing a pitch-perfect balance between the fluid, performer-blurring integration of naturally intuitive communicants and the compelling, narrative-driving friction of dynamic interaction between wholly individualistic personalities.

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