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slclabel on 01/23/2017 at 12:23PM

MegaHast3r - Low Level Security


Autor: MegaHast3r

Titulo: Low Level Security

Género: Electrónica, Techno

Formato: Ep digital

Fecha: Enero 2017

Licencia:Licencia de Creative Commons

Foto: René Navarrot


Canciones / Tracks:

1. Low Level Security, part 1 wav flac

2. Low Level Security, part 2 wav flac

3. Madame Zozo wav flac

4. New Game wav flac

Descargar / Download EP:

Download ZIP wav Download ZIP mp3

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milchofsource on 03/07/2012 at 12:03AM

EeL Remix Competition -Track 8 is your track -

We have released EeL FREE remix album[Love The World Remixes] on January 30.
but we want one more song!!!!!Oh yeah,all right!don't stop dancing!:)
we don't want daft music bussiness!
but we want like a rolling  punk! remix.

*EeL Official site


1) Download the parts in this site.
Original Track:[for common people]

2) Create your cool remix!
3) Upload your remix in your soundcloud
4) Send your soundcloud's URL in this form.
Entries must be uploaded to soundcloud before March 20. Winners will be announced on March 25(EeL official site&EeL facebook page). Winning entries will need to provide us with a better quality version: WAV/16bit/44100Hz/stereo.
1) Added to the remix album[Love The World Remixes].
2) EeL CD &CR-R discs
[Little Prince],[for common people],[Kung-Fu People Etcetera],[aimai],[4+1]
(Supported by STUBBIE RECORDS / milch record)

3) Sticker&Post card

4) Respect from US!

[All entrants receive]
we will try to promote your track in twitter&EeL official site.
*Additional information
We will present to you the sound parts in [Little Prince Loves You].

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pop, electonic, rock, remix, eel
mwalker on 10/29/2010 at 10:15AM

Minor Musics: Finland - Lau Nau & Kuupuu

Lau Nau & Kuupuu. Photo by Jonna Karanka (aka Kuupuu).

After much lead-up and anticipation, ISSUE Project Room’s Minor Musics: Finland series commences this evening (10.29) with rare U.S. performances from Tomutonttu and Kiila (revisit/remix their music here). A two-part event, the program concludes with a second concert on 11.6 from Kemialliset Ystävät in collaboration with an excellent cast of NYC improvisers: Raphael Lyon, Samara Lubelski, Marcia Bassett, Tom Carter, Michael Bernstein, Pete Nolan, Taylor Richardson and Dave Nuss.

In honor of tonight’s concert, the lovely and enchanting Lau Nau & Kuupuu have shared a recording from their July performance at ISSUE, which served to first inaugurate the Minor Musics: Finland series. As a finale to their respective solo sets, the two women joined forces for a darkly gorgeous, loop-based improvisation – masterfully paced and seamlessly woven into a hauntingly evocative sound environment. Working in tiny bits of self-contained sound – quivering hand percussion, floating wisps of vocal melody, quiet swarms of synth drone – the ladies sent spinning upwards a continual stream of hypnotizing fragments ever-drifting towards the top of the sound mix. The effect was that of a slow but perpetual ascending motion without end – the feeling of swimming from the depths of an enveloping water towards a surface that somehow remains forever just out of reach. And yet, amidst the beautifully swirling and seductive textures, escape seems hardly the desired end.

Minor Musics: Finland is made possible through the generous support of the American-Scandinavian Foundation; the Consulate General of Finland; and ESEK, the Finnish Performing Music Promotion Centre;
and Luses, the Popular Music Committee of the Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Music, and the Arts Council of Finland.

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pushbinlou on 05/23/2010 at 10:49PM

Cheapmachines Are Go!

Picture by LevitateMe

It always puts a spring in my step to see another established artist throw their hat in the ring with the FMA.  Cheapmachines (Phillip Julian) is a long standing experimental/electronic artist based in London.  He started putting his work out on various experimental labels like Staalplaat, HalloGallo and Foxy Digitalis in various formats.  The great thing about Phillip is that although a lot of his output was originally released in very small quantities he has now made a concerted effort to put a large portion of his discography available for free on his own site and now here.

A good example of this is a full length release that Phillip has just uploaded here.  Flaunt originally came out in 2005 on Foxy Digitalis and was limited to 100 copies.  Now with the entire work on the FMA more people can enjoy this great release of drone and harsh electronic noise.  I included one track in this post but the work should be listened to in its entirety.  Enjoy!

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