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Decktonic on 02/03/2015 at 11:27AM


This is a collection of songs that were written and recorded in 2013/2014 with the KORG DS10+. These are the last songs I did with the software. Most were either released with various compilations or never saw the light of day until now. I've taken the liberty of sharing them on the Free Music Archive so you can use them in derivative works. Please contact me if you wish to use any of these songs in commercial settings. 

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dubstep, chip music, house
karash_nikol on 01/20/2014 at 03:59AM

Music & sound design for the "Reveal Playstation 4 " 's fake teaser (may 2013 )


We made a little joke for all the geeks of the world last year with some friends and that was fun !


I've made the Sound design & the music with the video team "Slot B" in France for the creation of a PS4's fake teaser (1,4 million sight on You tube in 2 days!) 

A lot of people who watched it was thinking it was the real commercial for anouncing the venue of the famous console !


Here's the video who pushed Sony to deny his paternity ( for real, LOL) : 


...and the reveal of the joke :          


***original  version of the track  available here : 

ready for action (original version) by Karash Nikol

<a href="" data-mce-href="">ready for action (original version) by Karash Nikol</a>

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mareebass on 12/16/2012 at 08:31AM

MBEP002​/​Echo Valley - CAM'STEP

Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter notre deuxième sortie ep, CAM'STEP venant de Die (Drome) et faisant partie du crew Psychobydub.


Il nous offre sont nouveau projet avec de nouvelles sonorités mélangées aux anciennes.Guitariste depuis 12 ans et producteur en MAO depuis les années 2010/2011, il produit sa propre musique entre dub/dubstep électronique et envoutant.

Cet ep nommé ECHO VALLEY, nous démontre la diversité du dub et qu'elle est sans limite. 7 productions de l'ami CAM 'STEP partant sur un dubstyle bien digital et finit sur de la drum'n bass bien psychédélique comme on les aime.


 We are enjoy to present our second ep, CAM' STEP coming from Die (Drôme) part of the Psychobydub crew.


He offers us are new project with new sounds mixed with the old ones.Guitarist for 12 years and producer in MAO for the years 2010/2011, it produces its own music between dub/dubstep electronic and captivating.

This ep named ECHO VALLEY shows the diversity of the dub and is without limit. 7 productions on a good digital dubstyle and ends up on the drum ' n bass well psychedelic you like them.


Behind Earth Studios (artwork)

Psychobydub Crew

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badpandarecords on 09/24/2012 at 11:00AM

Everlone – Verletzte EP

Bad Panda Reords has recently released a debut EP from London-based producer/musician Everlone. Samples rise and pulse to distorted beats, as haunting fractured vocals carry you.  Atmosphere is key in these tracks, and nothing in the sound takes you away from the songs.

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tanomontini on 07/26/2012 at 09:20PM

J U L Y - last month review Mix

These are some of the tracks that ran on the nights of winter from South America, in those hidden corners of high culture and dance. J  U  L  Y  was for me a month of great cultural activity, where I played and ran the most valuable blog posts. From the quiet sound of the beat instrumental, bass and a little less-fast footwork, the shows aim to make you vibe and also, function as an information channel, data fully exposed on the most creative artists in their work.

J  U  L  Y is the winter melancholy in Buenos Aires and, at the same time, the warmth of the people sweating in confinement, the dance floor, your ears on headphones, maybe a good book accompanying you.Enjoy everything that happened in   J  U  L  Y, and put it in the months ahead because there are many artists to investigate.

Alpha Pup records is a Label that I use. They have a big activity and excellent artists that Im following. They host artists puttin their magic in this month like Ages, the people who open this new set with “Fog” a Nosaj Thing cover. Because we come from Nosaj Thing worlds with the last June set, the Ableton Contest of Nosaj samples. There is DOT, Virtual Boy and a lot of incredible music.

I highlight the excellent label Curious absurdities, who support high creative artists as Girls On Drugs, and Aplot. I enjoyed a lot in the mixtures of these sweet and energetic songs that were introduced in between panics sounds of dance floor. Nobody felt overwhelmed, all continued dancing, it speaks a lot of intelligent content.


Near them, you can hear a mysterious appearance from the Italy Demian Oid, full of color and life playing in a round trip, one of one, with two of his favorite tracks: “Velvet Ghost” And “MasterPiece”.

Snubluck do it again, appear for the third time in my lists. He really can’t stop it.And finally, among the highlights, and approaching the footwork, I met Branko from MadDecent compilation, which I completely glue his two tracks “We’ll be fine” and “Going in Hard”, accompanied at the same time and opening the entrance to an artist of great renown as Pixelord, who were all could through Soundcloud download a little old set (“Footpork”), maybe opened from a dusting box of memory, labeled with “principles of this genre”.Do not stop listening to these artists and enjoy the mix!



Ages - Fog (Nosaj Thing Cover) Patrick Gillin - Game Of Life - intermitent!Snubluck - Madworld Crystal Fighters - Earth Island Jongpadawan - Afternoon Croissant Virtual Flannel - Mack Attack Unek - Coffe Time Ann Arbor - Back to Lala Land Xperiment - Handle Busines Arabian Night - DZADot - Desert Storm Demian Oid - Velvet GhostDemian Oid - Master PieceAplot - Breathing Giraffage - Holy MountainGirls On Drugs - Sumur Suyn BOOM GLITCH - Nobody Frederik Skytte - Fuck Irl (instrumental)Lemonada - Chew Toi Girls on Drugs - In Shyds Virtual Boy - Let Go LowGritt - TrappletFantasy Thrilla - Here I Come OG Dub Friendships - Drave Joshua Wrathall - Chick Peas Erbal T - Quick Burial Aplot - SoundHackDrake - We’ll be fine (Branko’s Bubbly Revision)Branko - Going in HardPixelord - FootPork Wolfie - Picture ThisBoeboe - ExpressSquarePush - PlanetariumBleep Blop - Archiwald CornwallsAndroidoh - Built upon a mound of brownies¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸, ♩¸¸♪·.  ,  ,¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸

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