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katya-oddio on 10/18/2016 at 12:05PM

Diverse Instrumental Works

Recent instrumental albums additions to the FMA from Olga Scotland, Hermelin, and the artists from the Eklektik Sessions

For your listening pleasure, three predominantly instrumental albums are now part of the enormous Free Music Archive catalog.

Various Artists (Eklektik Ensemble, Punkt, and Lutosławski Quartet) - Punkt Eklektik Session 1
Formal Class: Varied Classes
Classifications: Varied Genres; Downtempo; Progressive Art; Contemporary Composition
Nationality: Europe East: Poland: Warsaw

Olga Scotland (Ольга Шотландия) - Iron Flowers From Sirius
Formal Class: Art: Progressive
Classifications: Electronic; Flute; Contemporary Composition; Progressive Art; Experimental; Beats Trad; Ambient; Soundtrack; Score
Nationality: Europe East: Russia: Moscow

Hermelin - Hermelin (self-titled album)
Formal Class: Popular
Classifications: Rock; Post-Rock; Progressive Rock; Electric Guitar
Nationality: Europe West: Germany: Hannover

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slclabel on 10/06/2016 at 08:32AM

Last Release: Trillion Catz - The Big Numbers

Formato: EP digital

Pais / Ciudad: Alemania / Berlín, Rusia / Moscú

Año: 2016

Genero: Electrónica

Estilo: Dark Wave, DownTempo

Portada: Denis Smyslov


1. Dark Matter

2. Emptiness feat. Sasha Vinogradova

3. Fibonacci Flower

4. Fioletovaya tape

5. Radio svoboda

Proyecto Trillion Catz es una formación medio alemán y medio rusa. Formado por una sola persona - Michael Nordhagen- de origen ruso-alemán. Trillion Catz empezó su actividado en Moscú, pero finalmente se trasladó a Berlín y a otros países europeos. En los concierto e directo, la banda utiliza tanto guitarras como percusión. El álbum 'The Big Numbers' fue grabado en 2016 en San Petersburgo, Rusia. En estos momentos la banda está trabajando para que sus directos sean programados y poderlos desarrollar dentro del marco europeo.

Project Trillion catz this equipment from German and Russian. The group consists of one person - Michael Nordhagen- has a Russian-German origin. Trillion catz based in Moscow and eventually moved to Berlin and other European countries. In concert, the band performs the songs with live guitars and drums. Album “the Big numbers” recorded in 2016 in St. Petersburg in Russia. At the moment the band is working on a live program and the development of the European space.

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murmurintemporel on 09/11/2016 at 10:58AM

New Release : My Own Cubic Stone - Le Gang de la Rouille

Le Gang de la Rouille (Gang Of Rust) is the new album of My Own Cubic Stone (France), a new path away from his dark ambient productions, a more experimental vision with rhythms and melodies.

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WM_Recordings on 10/15/2015 at 02:16PM

New on WM Recordings: The Gorowski Archives

The Gorowski Archives

Over the past 10 years, Gorowski has released four albums on Dutch netlabel WM Recordings. His music is described as “electronically diverse” and has been used in compilations and videos, including an independent film that was shortlisted for an award (“Petzold’s Whistle”). He has received a number of positive reviews from bloggers, and in 2007 one of his albums was voted into the Top 5 Netlabel Releases for that year by Phlow Magazine.

This new release is a little special. It is a collection of all the tracks made by Gorowski over the last decade, but never released. It includes pieces from each period when the other albums were made, and some brand new tracks thrown in for good measure! They have all been carefully selected, rejigged and remastered for your ear time pleasure.

Grab your free download of "The Gorowski Archives (2005-2015)" here.


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netwaves on 05/06/2015 at 08:40AM

artificial perception

trippy hoppy electronism from the parallel universe

artificial perception | netwaves

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