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cesarsn31 on 06/27/2019 at 03:42PM

Urbano mp3 - Descargar Música

Puedes descargar música gratis  con facilidad en diseño mp3 en A pesar de las canciones mp3 de descarga gratuita, ofrece noticias y realidades sobre la música. forma un grupo de un gran número de especialistas independientes, artistas y fans que intercambian sus ideas sobre la música.

Aquí puedes buscar archivos mp3 y descargarlos o escucharlos en tu navegador o teléfono.

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adal2007 on 09/29/2015 at 03:23AM

Free Background Music for your videos and projects


Heres a list of the mos downloaded tracks by Dhalius Music (Free Background Music for video creations and projects)

you can visit: to download more than 800 music tracks for free to use on your youtube,vimeo or personal projects for free, shrecords already has more than 1000 music uses worldwide.
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studio11 on 01/22/2014 at 02:01AM

Steve Anderson - Late Night Girl

Steve Anderson - Late Night Girl (Studio 11 Classics)

As a major contributor to the Studio 11 music engineering team, Steve Anderson has also found time to produce his own collection of top notch tunes. Not only does Steve have a fabulous voice, he is a consumate musical producer as well. Of the innovative collections that Steve has produced, his album "Late Night Girl" best sums up his vocal abilities and production skills.

We caught up with Steve for a brief interview covering music life and music making in the same

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paduraru on 08/23/2012 at 02:54PM

Inspiring Chillout (Ambient Album)

Cristian Paduraru - Inspiring Chillout (Ambient Album)





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LCL on 06/02/2010 at 03:55AM

Recto Versus 2 compilation : Dub and much more...

[LCL21] Recto Versus 2

   LCL netlabel just released the second volume of hte "Recto Versus" serie, where an artist from the label remixes and is remixed by other musicians, coming from LCL or invited.

   After Volfoniq on volume 1, the second opus of the "Recto Versus" serie puts an artist from the label at the center of a vast collaborative work that lasted for one year and spreads over several countries.
   The aim of the project is to push further the use of creative commons licences and promote them widely, while exploring all the aspects of a musician style with his own eyes and foreign ones.

   Arrogalla involved several artists from Sardegna (his birthplace) that produce folk related electronic music just like him, as well as european, american and asian producers from various musical styles.
   Thru 20 tricky tracks, together, they expose their vision of a generous and universal musical language, using numerous sonic vocables : dub, ska, lofi, dubstep, minimal, electronica, chiptune, funk, deviant hiphop, grime ...

   Explore this compilation on FMA, and learn more on the release page on LCL netlabel website.

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