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herr_professor on 07/20/2010 at 05:46AM

Damned if you Don't

Dr. Von Pnok

The haze of nationalistic sports fervor having finally died down, we can now turn our gaze back to the true competitive energy inherent within the international chipscene.

With even the bigger netlabels offering material for free there is great incentive for artists or groups who don't feel they fit in with the greater identity of these collectives to branch out and create their own labels and organizations. One such label is Chip n' Damned Records. The label, "which promotes and releases experimental, hard and uncommon chipmusics from artists all over the world" lives up to their mission statement with their 2009 compilation release "Bleep or Die".

This release, which features tracks from such superstars as BSK, Dr. Von Pnok, Yatagarasu, Peter Quistgard, and Divag, is a great walking tour of the basic transformative power that chip hardware has over common place electronic music genres like glitch, idm, breakcore, dubstep and more. It is great to see that people are not content to allow chip music the platform not become a rigid uniform concept and push it forward always, just the same as other music genres.

Enjoy some of the highlights of the compilation, then check out the rest of the 20 tracks, and catch up with us next week as we take a look at some more chip trash for your earholes.

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