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jason on 10/17/2012 at 12:30PM

Furtherset: Psychedelic Italian Electro Dream Music

Furtherset is an electronic music producer from Perugia, Italy. The depth of his music belies his young age (b. 1995), inspired by everything from Kraut (see: "I Know") to juke/glitch (see "Kweil")—like a psychedelic ambient soundtrack to your dreams.

The Veilles EP was released by Homework Records, a Bologna-based netlabel specializing in new electronic music from Italy, stemming from a producers' collective of the same name.

For a great Homework overview, check out their Lavori Domestici compilation. Recent Homework releases include a bunch of great stuff from Apes on Tapesincluding the latest remix album featuring Digi G'Alessio & Furtherset himself (see: "So and Soul" below)

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katya-oddio on 06/05/2010 at 12:45PM

Love, Beats, and Pina Coladas

One of the masterminds behind the Italian group A Smile for Timbuctu, master Digi G'Alessio is proving to be as prolific as a solo artist. He can pack a dance floor like nobody's business. LOVE, BEATS, AND PIÑA COLADAS is a downtempo album still packed with his fat beats.

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