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La_bl_netlabel on 12/02/2011 at 01:14AM

[LBN012] Di Bos - "Five episodes from Le garage hermètique"


Five episodes from Le garage hermetique” is a trip into the imaginative world
of French artist and writer Moebius (Jean Giraud)
freely transformed in music by Di Bos (La bèl curator with Elisa Luu).
It’s part of a larger project called “Le Garage hermetique de Jerry Cornelius”
(in collaboration with other Italian musicians: Hysm?duo, Torba, M!, Clov, aaldo, Vip Cancro)
that will be released at the start of 2012 by Hysm.
Sound-Collage music for a short psychedelic journey!

Di Bos - "Episode 19" (02:10)
Di Bos - "Episode 19" (02:10)
Di Bos - "Episode 22" (02:15)
Di Bos - "Episode 22" (02:15)
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