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BeastRobot on 10/11/2015 at 09:44AM

♫ Metalmorphosis - Całujcie Mnie (Technical Thrash, Death Metal)

♫ Artist: Metalmorphosis

♫ Track: Całujcie Mnie

♫ Album: Biopsja Duszy

♫ Genre: Technical Thrash, Death Metal

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herr_professor on 04/27/2010 at 10:11AM

Waves of Destruction

Let me start with a big thank you to the kind judge at Hudson County Circuit court who let me out of the trial that prevented me from last week chip music update. The check is in the mail. Looking back at the last few weeks of entries, I have noticed a certain skew toward the brutal, and the profane, and this week is going to be no exception. A few weeks back, notable chip music label Pause released arguably the landmark "Chip Music/Death Metal" record (yea, it's a genre) with Norrin Radd's "Anomaly"

The process is remarkably faithful to the specs of the NES, with one exception, all his death grunts are vocalized through the lowly NES sample channel (fans of the classic sports romp BLADES OF STEEL will know what this sounds like). The result is epic and brutal, and quite good even outside the "for a video game" handicap. Check it out above, or visit the Pause website for the files in .it format with additional songs (windows users can play these files natively in program like Winamp), or a chance to buy the music on CD.

Also some of you may remember Timeheater from a few weeks ago. He sent me his Fuck Life EP, which is some more awesome tracks from another fearsome practitioner of chip assault. And with that, we will leave it, but check back here next week when i try to find something happy to post instead. See you then!

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