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radonbooking on 05/07/2012 at 02:59PM

Sikhara's "Dong Tian" Available on FMA as net release

Scott Nydegger and Dave Howard (not pictured) on the Ninth Wave Mobile recording DAW for the cut "Dong Tian"

Ninth Wave Projects presents:

SIKHARA – “Dong Tian” / “冬天”

On line release


  In March, Sikhara made a series of concerts across China.  The duo of Scott Nydegger and Dave Howard were joined by collaborators including Steve Mackay, Nojiji collective, Chachy Englund, John Meyers and Xiao Di.

  While in Xi’an putting the finishing touches on an upcoming ep, Sikhara recorded a session in a construction site, while hammers and saws blared from the floor below. 

  “Dong Tian” is a bleak and minimal track produced by Ninth Wave’s mobile studio, with vocals in the Chinese language.  It serves as a documentation of this period in Sikhara’s unique musical voyage.   

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