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Bozoo on 01/08/2018 at 02:07PM

[D!HR-35] Wankers United - Polygon Soup



For its 35th release, Da ! Heard It Records plunges your head into a broth of funk ideas.

A shark fin floats in Wankers United’s polygon soup. Out from the depths, the creature imagined by Elise Kobisch-Miana that illustrates this new album seems to be attracted by the surface after a very long sleep. Truth be told, in this new production, both references and fresh ideas abound. 
Great master of skweee in France through his label Mazout, Thomas Lanza has always had a taste for electronic kludges and syncopated rhythms, which were inherited from his hip hop background. After trying his hand at this style on a number of compilations, he released his first album on American label Ausland in 2017 and serves it again with Da ! Heard It Records with a series of pieces as the pièce de résistance.

In the kitchen, one finds with pleasure everything that gives his usual productions their charm, but prepared here with the desire to respect traditions. Immersed in a bath of acid and electro old school, the ingredients of this elaborate recipe will remind sensitive music lovers of the original flavors, somewhere between Cybotron and the beautiful hours of the Warp label. The result, beyond the skweee that he regularly cooks up, rather leans towards a playful IDM that was rid of the superfluous.

Developing the evolution of the sound arrangements with precision throughout the pieces, Thomas leaves no room for chance in his joyous blend, and he demonstrates that, over the course of more than fifteen years, he has acquired solid experience in the field. No stranger to Luke Vibert, whose influence is obvious here, he nevertheless spices up his melodies with a lovely oriental touch and yet shows, if more showing was needed, that life is good in Saint-Ouen.

Tape (K7) , Flac, Ogg, MP3 :
MP3 :

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herr_professor on 03/29/2011 at 09:00AM

Roboter Revolution

Hello again free music fans! This week's chip music pick is from old friends Da! Heard it Records artist Tom Woxom. We mentioned him briefly in our label profile last year, but his previous release Kickstart was a really great up tempo ode to the lo-fi sample based sound of the Amiga. His follow-up, Robot, is a much different affair. An expanded soundset finds c64, Game Boys and vocoders in the mix, and the tracks have taken on a much mellower, almost dubby vibe. Take a listen to some of the following songs, and then check out his other FMA selections!

On a side note, TCTD is taking a hiatus from the FMA to focus on coverage of the Blip Festival! WFMU will be sponsoring the live stream, so expect some additional posts from us later in May, until then, see ya!

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tom woxom, da heard it
herr_professor on 06/22/2010 at 09:51AM

The World Cup of Chip - France

With France on the precipice of elimination from the very same world cup that but a few short years ago they sat atop, ruling with a near iron fist, I wanted to send a message to the players sitting this very moment in the stadiums tunnel. And the best way to send a message is via an example, an example set to music and provided by one of their french countrymen. Da! Heard It Record's own, Eat Rabbit.

His music has been mentioned here before, but the FMA has recently uploaded his senses shattering set from the 2009 Blip Festival. Full of grotesque sample mangling, screaming arpeggios and an disturbing lagomorphic front-man, the performance was a testament to an ideal this french football squadron has seemed to have forgotten, with a never say die attitude and a never give up assault on the audience. Good Luck, men of the 2010 French Football Team, you have one last chance to live up tot he example of heroic countrymen such as Eat Rabbit. You can do it (or not.. not like I care.. VIVA MEXICO), and Ill see you in seven.

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herr_professor on 03/24/2010 at 10:27AM

What the hell is freedom?

This week's blog takes its title from a Cube-C song on a compilation I curated in 2004 for the Toilville Netlabel. The theme being political chiptunes (yea I know!) one of the surprises on it was a unknown to me at the time artist named Cube-C. His song on that comp would be just a hint of the electro-rock goodness that would come from his current project, a partnership with Emiglio Laser named Pocketmaster. Combining a shared love of the Game Boy, The Commodore 64, and lo0fi drums and off-kilter samples, the duo enhance and expand their individual talents, as all good duo-ships should.

Recently Pocketmaster has put out a 12 track LP named Residue. The release, out on Da! Heard It Records, and uploaded here on the FMA, is 12 tracks of hard hitting tracks that are equally at home in the club, your shitty bar, or cleaning that filthy hovel you call a room. Use it liberally as you salve you post SXSW hangover, and we will meet back here in seven.

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