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Stevecombsmusic on 05/06/2016 at 02:03PM

Big Juan

A pretty polite comment, I thought.

Hey FMA'ers. I've had an interesting day.

I'm used to people using my music in their projects. In fact at this point, I expect it. It would be weird if they didn't. Out of the roughly 250k downloads my songs have gotten, I'd bet at least half of them were for use in a video, on a podcast, or for a school project. And I love and am so grateful to everyone who does this because without it, I probably wouldn't be doing this anymore. To be honest, I think the FMA made my career what it is, and I owe it and the whole free culture community so much. That said, there is a limit to the freedom of my culture.

I woke up at around 11am this morning, because I'm a college student, and saw a couple of Twitter notifications (@stevecombsmusic, by the way). A German fan, @ruhpkid, tweeted at me to say that some guy named Big Juan put a copyright claim on a YouTube video of his in which he used my song, More Or Less OK, from my new album Riotwhich is available here on the FMA. Ruhpkid gave me credit and was generally wonderful. But Big Juan was claiming that my song was his song, Equalizer. At first I didn't think anything of it, that it was just a misguided attempt at stealing royalties or something. The joke would be on him, of course, since I don't get any kind of royalties. But I did a Google search for "Equalizer by Big Juan" and found the song on YouTube.

That's when I got angry.

I hear the first three seconds, which is the same opening drum fill as my song, and think "Well, maybe he just sampled it and forgot to give credit." But it quickly became clear that that wasn't the case. This wasn't a sample, this was a theft. Big Juan literally downloaded my song, changed the title, and put it on YouTube as his own.

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cheyenne_h on 03/25/2016 at 05:12PM

Using CC Licenses: A Helpful Guide!

Get those ducks in a row, y'all! Photo via Swedish Heritage Board on Flickr Commons.

Are you new to the world of Creative Commons licensed stuff, or just need a refresher? Need to get those ducks in a row before you can get your project out into the world? Have a specific question about what you can - or can't - do with a song on our website, based on its license?

We've put together a license guide to help you answer these questions!

To make it extra-easy-to-find, we've added links to every FAQ, or you can look it up right here:

Free Music Archive License Guide!

And then once you know which license is right for your project, you can do a general search, filtered by license, or check out our pre-filtered Music For Video curator page.

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Grazianohmygod on 02/15/2016 at 07:38PM

The Crypts - Ate a Pizza Music Video

Thank you to zrebabcia from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology for her rad animated video for Ate a Pizza!

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cheyenne_h on 02/09/2016 at 05:03PM

Fourteen Songs About Love (Kinda)

We wanted to share the love with y'all this week, since it's close to THAT holiday... some call it "Singles Awareness Day," but we like to think that everyone has some kind of love in their lives (even if it's the undying devotion that most of us feel toward our favorite kind of pizza).

Our setlist is comprised of songs that are all free to download, share, and make derivatives of! So you can use these in videos, remixes, podcasts, etc - just be sure you follow the terms of each license!

Ayla Nereo, "Oh Love" CC BY NC SA
Blanket Music, "Stand To Love" CC BY NC
One Watt Of Love, "Say You Are Mine" CC BY NC SA
Steve Combs, "Love Is Chemical" CC BY
TV Girl, "Lovers Rock" CC BY NC
Quiet Music For Tiny Robots, "You Were My Robot Lover" CC BY
Oh Yeah, The Future, "Lovedreams" CC BY
Gorowski, "Love Is All" CC BY NC SA
Cloudjumper, "Complex Love," CC BY NC SA
The Agrarians, "We'll Make Love Anew" CC BY NC SA
The Polish Ambassador, "Unrequited Droid Love" CC BY NC SA
The Zombiecops, "Recepie of Love" CC BY NC SA
The Soft Pink Truth, "I Love Your Ass" CC BY NC
Anitek, "Heartbreakers" CC BY NC SA


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cheyenne_h on 12/28/2015 at 12:15PM

ccCommunity End of 2015 Mix

Photo by amy_buthod via Flickr.

Rather than "Top [insert number] Best Albums of 2015" we've decided to take a different angle. Rather than ranking tracks or adding unnecessary 'clout' to specific albums, artists, or songs, we're sharing these in no particular order. You can decide which ones you like best! 

This is the third of an ongoing series. Look for upcoming lists as 2016 draws closer.

Now, a bit about this mix, and who made it:

ccCommunity is a special page that holds some of the most diverse content on FMA - because it's stuff that doesn't come in affiliated with a pre-existing FMA curator. Our curators work with their own group of artists, and while that's super awesome, it's also super awesome to let unaffiliated artists share their work once in a while. When an artist contacts FMA directly and their work is accepted by our reviewers, their first upload is placed in the ccCommunity curator page.

We had a really hard time choosing just 15 songs by 15 artists! We tried to keep it diverse, with tracks ranging from chiptunes to rap to death metal. And trust us, there's lots lots more out there (including this noteworthy bundle: the Loop Mania Sampler Pack). If you like one of these songs, check out the artists' full album pages!

Here are 15 dazzling and diverse tracks from the ccCommunity at large. Listen or download in our handy sidebar player to the right, or see the playlist page for more.

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