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HAZE_netlabel on 12/07/2016 at 08:32AM

Music Laundering Mashine

Fake Cats Project — Music Laundering Machine

The new album is maybe about some roots of music. No — we are not going to descend to the roots. We just want to feel them somehow though the modern day sonic meltdown. Looks like there is still a fight down there. Chaos fights sync and melody. Pollution and creative infection fight clarity and hate musical fascism of unisons in E. Arrogant chord progressions of Rachmanonoff are undermined by microtonal synth partisans. No true winners. No justice. Just the World as is. Sorry — just the World of Fake Cats Music Laundering Machines.

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La_bl_netlabel on 03/08/2013 at 08:05AM

[LBN018] Ongaku2 – “Short Stories”

"Short Stories" [LBN018]




30 minutes of music in 12 short tracks.

A sounds and vision’s collection and dreamlike prophecies.

A constellation of intimate sounds and images.

12 improvisations of 2:30 minutes.

One little story.





Ongaku2 is a duo from Sardinia (Italy) that combinds the need to mix sound and silence

with a resulting istant composition based on improvisation, experimentation and timbrical‐research.

The duo is composed by Elia Casu (prepared guitars, electronics) and Paolo Sanna (drums, percussions, objects).

OnGaku2 presented their idea of Improvisation in several festivals, like InterAzioni (Assemini),

Signal Festival (Quartucciu), ArtEko (Asti), Area Sismica musica inaudita (Forlì), L’isola delle storie Festival letterario della Sardegna (Gavoi),

Uanciufreefestival jazz (Siniscola), Scrusci (Alcamo), Høyt og Lavt (Oslo), Musiche in estinzione (Bari) Area Sismica musica extra‐ordinaria (Forlì), MusicaFoscari





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