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La_bl_netlabel on 12/08/2015 at 09:07AM

[LBN032] Samurau – “Things left unsaid” (December 07, 2015)

"Things Left Unsaid" is not only the testimony of a precise moment, but rather the result of a long research, composition and improvisation done by the band: there's a  common area where  musical elements from diametrically opposed musical worlds such as jazz and contemporary music, rock and blues coexist without forgetting the melodic vocation in each composition.

Samurau: the band  (Michele Sanna - guitars; Matteo Muntoni – el.bass; Alessandro Garau- drums) after a long period of mutual courtship and knowledge among the members, was officially founded in 2014: the aim is to satisfy the need to blend in total freedom, sounds, music, different styles through their own compositions.

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