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Alpha_Hydrae on 01/22/2018 at 03:38AM

New Komiku : Poupi's Incredible Adventures !

CC0 Monplaisir

Hello there ! It's Komiku/Monplaisir, I hope you're okay ! Here is my new album "Poupi's Incredible Adventures !", which is an album of 70 tracks dedicated to my plush dog Poupi. At first, I thought to make this soundtrack as a cartoon soundtrack but it slowly became a videogame like soundtrack. I hope you'll like it, don't hesitate to send me feedback about it ! I leave you with the soundtrack and the pitch of their adventure :

It's the story of Poupi, a little dog who need to avoid the accomplishement of a prophecy. So, in one week, they has to travel through space to find the music sheet of serenity, and to go after the horizon to find the time flute. In their way, they will meet Mr Paillettes, a glitter with a crooner voice, and Princess Cheese Burger, the strongest person in the universe. Together, they'll need to find the tiniest place to play the time flute.

The story is more developped on my bandcamp if you want to read about it. If you wanna usethe story or the music, please go for it, it's all in Creative Commons 0. Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always curious to know what you do with my music !

Thanks for reading this post and listening to my music, I love you all <3


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BeastRobot on 08/31/2015 at 05:31PM

♫ Decktonic - Z Saber ft Jake Allison (Dubstep)

New Fan Video

♫ Artist: Decktonic

♫ Track: Z-Saber (feat Jake Allison)

♫ Album: Stars

♫ Genre: House, Chip Music, Dubstep


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house, dubstep, chip music
Decktonic on 02/03/2015 at 11:27AM


This is a collection of songs that were written and recorded in 2013/2014 with the KORG DS10+. These are the last songs I did with the software. Most were either released with various compilations or never saw the light of day until now. I've taken the liberty of sharing them on the Free Music Archive so you can use them in derivative works. Please contact me if you wish to use any of these songs in commercial settings. 

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dubstep, chip music, house
H3llb0und on 01/29/2014 at 06:41PM

H3llb0und - Chiptune Composer

Hey guys, if you love chiptune music, please check out my tracks. Links are on my profile. Happy listening!

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Decktonic on 01/28/2013 at 08:10PM

Forgotten Machines

FORGOTTEN MACHINES is all about rediscovering old tools and using them to make new art. The story of FORGOTTEN MACHINES is told through the magic of ~dance music~ and was written with the intention of marrying early synth-pop with a future techno aesthetic. This marriage eventually produced a baby, thereafter called FORGOTTEN MACHINES and he is a love letter to classic synthesizers and ~dance music~ enthusiasts everywhere.

All tracks were composed & recorded with the KORG DS-10+ software for Nintendo DS by Christian Montoya aka Decktonic. 

Also check out the official music video by Rich Keohane!

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techno, chip music, house

Gold 2010: Beats
Pisu - "Commodore" (05:10)
Pisu - "Commodore" (05:10)
Binärpilot - "Goof" (04:12)
Binärpilot - "Goof" (04:12)
Ms.Vybe - "Elevator" (02:01)
Ms.Vybe - "Elevator" (02:01)
Pablo Ribot - "Julie" (01:57)
Pablo Ribot - "Julie" (01:57)