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katya-oddio on 02/18/2017 at 05:07PM

String Quartet Moment of Zen

"Mount Fuji" by Mya Told

Coming in under four minutes, these two contemporary string quartets by Maciej Żołnowski may serve as a moment of beauty in your day, or as John Stewart used to say at the end of The Daily Show, "your moment of zen."

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katya-oddio on 04/03/2013 at 09:15AM

18th Century Chamber Music by Danzi

Karlsruhe Palace, Employer of Composer Franz Danzi

Franz Ignaz Danzi (1763 – 1826) was a cellist, composer, and conductor in the royal courts of Mannheim, Munich, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. His greatest contribution to music was establishing the quintet for bassoon, clarinet, flute, horn and oboe as a significant chamber music form.

Danzi lived during an important time in the history of European classical music. His career spanned the transition from the late Classical to the early Romantic periods. As a young man he knew Mozart. He was a contemporary of Beethoven and a mentor to young Carl Maria von Weber.

Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet performed the Wind Quintet Opus 67, Nos. 2-3 of Franz Danzi made available by Pandora Records and now appearing on the Free Music Archive. Soni Ventorum was officially founded in 1962 when Pablo Casals asked them to become the woodwind faculty of his newly founded Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. Members of the ensemble were on faculty at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico and members of the Puerto Rico Symphony. After leaving Puerto Rico, the members were reunited as faculty of and as the resident wind quintet of the University of Washington the next 30 years. Through their concerts, tours, and recordings, the Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet established an international reputation. See the group's official website for more of the history of this highly regarded quintet.

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katya-oddio on 09/27/2012 at 12:00AM

Advent Chamber Orchestra

Vienna, painted by Carl Schweninger II (1854-1903)

The Advent Chamber Orchestra is a conductorless orchestra, based in Bolingbrook, Illinois and usually performing in the Chicago metropolitan area. This non-profit orchestra is composed of five violins, two violas, two cellos, a bass, and an harpsichord. The group specializes in Baroque period classical music.

Three collections of their performances are now available on the Free Music Archive.

The Advent Chamber Orchestra began in 2003 when Roxana Pavel Goldstein and Elias Goldstein, who had met studying and performing at DePaul’s School of Music, worked together in chamber music ensembles. The orchestra functioned primarily as a chamber music collaborative until 2005 when they performed their first concert as the Advent Chamber Orchestra. The ensemble is generally led by concertmaster and music director Roxana Pavel Goldstein, but artistic decisions are made democratically by the group.

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andrewcsmith on 06/10/2011 at 12:18PM

Wet Ink Ensemble @ ISSUE Project Room

Photo by Peter Gannushkin: DOWNTOWNMUSIC.NET

If Wet Ink Ensemble existed when "uptown" and "downtown" still had meaning, much of their programming would seem to land them decidedly north of 34th St. But like the capital-D Downtown groups, the bread and butter of their programming comes from the ensemble members themselves, with composers such as Alex Mincek, Kate Soper, Eric Wubbels, Sam Pluta, playing vital roles in the group. Lately, inching toward its teenage years, the ensemble has started to program ambitious portrait concerts of underheard-in-America European composers like Peter Ablinger and Matthias Spangler, usually in places like Columbia's Miller Theater or various cultural centers.

However, Wet Ink always seems to make two or three appearances a year at ISSUE. Tonight, for the annual Darmstadt Institute, Wet Ink Ensemble will play new works by composer, trombonist, early AACM member, and Columbia professor George Lewis, vocalist Kate Soper, and pianist Eric Wubbels, with older works by Rick Burkhardt and Alex Mincek. The tracks below are saxophone & piano duos from the group's March 2010 concert at ISSUE: "Pendulum III" by saxophonist and Artistic Director Alex Mincek; and "this is this is this is" by pianist and Executive Director Eric Wubbels.

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