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SpinningMerkaba on 02/24/2016 at 01:38AM

Crown Chakra In Bloom

SpinningMerkaba remixes have been enjoying a recent revival lately due to the release of new tracks being compiled in collections here at the FMA. The newest of these collections is called Crown Chakra, and should have fresh tracks added to the 3 exisiting over the next few months.  Seriously, I'm pretty amazed.  A few of the tracks have enjoyed postitions in the Starfrosch #hot100 ccmusic charts, with The Star's Look Different (Ziggy Stardust Mix) reaching No.1.  Right? 

Also, I've started a twitter account @spinningmerkaba which is growing rapidly too.  As an avid gardener and permaculture practictioner, I witness the ebb and flow of natural rhythms.  I guess this music is in bloom this season.  So enjoy it! 

Spin's artist page is here 

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cheyenne_h on 09/09/2015 at 11:30AM

Back to School ReMix

"Class Dismissed" by Orin Zebest on flickr. CC BY.

via Spinningmerkaba: CcMixter wrote the textbook on Creative Commons remixing.  If there were grades, these tracks would be all straight A's with recommendations from the onsite editors.  Take notes and listen're about to be taken to school.  Oh, and don't forget to take your vitamins. Listen below, at the source, or download here

participate at

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ccmixter, back to school
hfayekay on 06/04/2014 at 02:42AM

ccMixter's BIG Music Festival

This summer FMA curator ccMixter-whose main squeeze is embracing remix culture via the way of Creative Commons- is putting together a virtual version of the Coachellas, Bonaroos, & Primaveras of the world: the BIG Music Fest. The event will be comprised of 7 "stages" rotating throughout the Summer beginning May 30th running through til August 30. Each week artists (you!) will be creating content for specific genre-d stages (this week it's songwriter/unplugged/folk/bluegrass/ country but hip hop/triphop will be up at the end of July!) culminating with a live-streaming event mixing all genres. You can also participate by curating playlists, hosting podcasts, & assembling the highest quality of sounds for eventual releases to be distributed on the likes of iTunes & Amazon.

The FMA is happy to provide artists & ccMixters with a playlist of remix-worthy tracks & sounds with summer-y dispositions ideal for incorporating into your submissions to the BIG Music Fest. Listen to the playlist below & for more details on the event click here (& here's a press release too!)

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