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zlayton on 06/05/2009 at 08:44AM

Okkyung Lee and Carlos Giffoni mp3 / and sound walk-a-thon on sunday!

okkyung lee (photo by peter gannuskin)

Here's a recording from an absolutely incredible recent show by Okkyung Lee and Carlos Giffoni at issue project room.  MINDBLOWING!

and.....don't miss it:

This sunday, ISSUE Project room will be hosting its first annual:


"Sometimes, the city sounds like one giant jackhammer to us, but ISSUE Project Room is doing something extraordinary to get everyone to hear the streets in a new way. The Soundwalk-a-Thon brings artists and art lovers together to experience the city through artist-guided interactive "sonic excursions." There are 20 walks to choose from, each requiring a different form of group participation, ranging from meditative deep listening to noise-making walks, using instruments such as tin cans, gongs, boom boxes, iPods, and cell phones to interact with the environment. Then take your ears to the after-party at ISSUE Project Room, sponsored by Sixpoint Craft Ales, to hear what a good time sounds like."  - ARACELI CRUZ, VILLAGE VOICE

(details after the jump)

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