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katya-oddio on 06/24/2016 at 08:00AM

Psychedelic Pop Inspired by Beach Boys and Beatles

Love the 1960s pop of the Beach Boys and Beatles? Then we highly recommend the brand new album CLOUDHEAD by Jamie Ward. This is a new favorite at Rancho Oddio.

This follow-up to 2015’s “I Am The Sun” shows Jamie Ward’s ability to push even further into a mixed bag of 1960’s inspired pop gems. Written, recorded, performed and produced by the artist, it is a more complex album in it’s songwriting and arrangements, tipping it’s hat to Brian Wilson’s modular recording style employed on “Pet Sounds” and the orchestral arrangements by George Martin on The Beatles middle period records, plus Phil Spectors layered “Wall Of Sound” technique. Elements of other 1960’s music makers including The Byrds, The Left Banke, The Rolling Stones, Harry Nillson and others are also honoured in this collection of original songs.   

CloudHead” was written as a concept album, a commentary on the disillusionment of a consumer driven existence based on the artists personal experience of transition between western society’s force-fed values and expectations to self-realization. The album represents a complete day in the life, starting with “Get Up!” and ending with “End Of The Day/Now That’s It’s Over”. It is a tribute to the dreamers, the “CloudHeads” of the world.

We are also wildly in love with Jamie Ward's aforementioned I AM THE SUN EP. You can find both albums on Bandcamp and on the FMA.

PS: If the voice sounds vaguely familiar, you may recognize Jamie Ward as the voice of that legendary children's artist, Uncle Neptune, a long-time favorite at both Kazoomzoom and Oddio Overplay.

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sardanpavlov on 06/12/2015 at 11:56PM

Power Moves Catalog Uploaded

Finished catching up with the Power Moves imprint in Toronto today - as of now their entire back catalog is uploaded, including label proprietor Kevin Cahill's latest as Running Point, and a more gregarious collection from "Power Moves technician" James A. Toth, aka Sloom. 

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Ezcape187 on 02/10/2015 at 03:53AM


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kademlia on 03/20/2014 at 12:30AM

Ain’t No Love: Tears of Joy

Ain't No Love: Tears of Joy

Ain’t music produced better than with love?

This probably is the mantra of rising urban group Ain’t No Love, which, after wowing indie music fans with slicker-than-slick tunes via their self-titled EP, returns to FrostClick and FrostWire with a slightly moody yet incredibly delicious Tears of Joy.

Spreading their trademark “renegade pop” to audiences of other crowd-pleasers such as Iggy Azalea, Steve Aoki, and Calvin Harris, you bet your judgmental auditory senses that Saidah, Beanz, and 1990 aren’t amateurs – something that over 116,500 downloads of their first FrostWire feature Ain’t No Love EP can definitely attest to.

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CJSW_Music on 08/23/2013 at 09:30AM

John Wort Hannam's Remarkable Songwriting Chops

Born on the island of Jersey, John Wort Hannam brought the independent spirit of his birthplace with him when he settled in Fort Macleod, Alberta. Releasing albums on his own and with Black Hen Music, he has been spinning tales of the working man that resonate with each listener. Every songwriter has a tale to tell, and John Wort Hannam has a gift for weaving narratives about his new home in Western Canada.

Our team at CJSW's The Morning After are proud to claim him as an Albertan, and as an incredible talent very close to home.

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