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Unlearny on 11/10/2010 at 07:44PM

New Album in production

shiny crappy person

Back in the day, U Can Unlearn Guitar released a limited CDR called "Yelpco recording presents:  Masters of Free Klassical UCUG" 

or something like that.  It was a lot of noise improve, organ bondage, Classical Guitar tomfoolery; cats playing the piano, electrical tape on vinyl strings, kid's stuff basically.

Now I am working on a new Free Klassical Album, written and performed on piano.  Sort of like Nondor Nevai's universally loved and admired "Wooden Machine Music" only written and performed by me, not Nondor, so... probably not as good.  But still. 

I have about 4 songs in the can so far.  The can has never been happier.  

Once completed or even 1/3 completed, expect to see updates here.  

Yes there will also be songs about monkeys, okay!?  jesuz.

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