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milchofsource on 01/30/2012 at 05:48AM

"EeL" world's remixes

EeL is a female artist from Japan. She creates electric punk music composed with a cute, funky, pop sound.

Her remix album[Love The World Remixes] has been released for free.

it's crazy remixes!!!!!



/ Biography / Facebook / soundcloud / beatport / Twitter /

milch of source

/ bandcamp / Facebook / soundcloud / Twitter / blog /


/ Official site / Facebook / soundcloud / Twitter /


/ Official site / Facebook / MY SPACE /


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/ Official site / Facebook / soundcloud /

gamers in exile

/ Official site / Facebook / soundcloud /

The Hair Kid

Facebook / soundcloud /


[Art work]


/ Official site /


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milchofsource on 11/11/2011 at 09:46AM

not Remix but Tribute

EeL has joined the project Seinosuke Saeki's remix album.

He is a crazy and strange Japanese musician(often known as a comedian).

His live performance is full with the nonsense joke(but Great!!!!!) performed by the musical instrument(Acoustic guitar + Sampler) which he made.

This remix does not use any original data.
because,EeL is thought to be better crazy tribute than to normal remix.
Please enjoy this song with such a cute punk!!!!


[EeL facebook]

[Vol.4 records]

[Seinosuke Saeki soundcloud]

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milchofsource on 10/01/2011 at 05:30PM

EeL is Japanese new style female vocalist

EeL is a female artist from Japan.

She creates electric punk music composed with a cute, funky, pop sound.

"Little Prince Loves You" is newly arranged by her in "Little Prince / EeL"

this sound is a blend of reconstructed Electric & Pop sounds, utilizing a variety of genres like old scool, break-core, funk and reggae.

It will excite you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lizb on 04/29/2010 at 03:00PM

South Asia in a Blender

Let me preface this post by saying that I am neither a fan of syrupy, melancholic pop ballads nor am I a fan of rave-era house/jungle.

Why is it that I can't stop listening when the two are combined??

Check out TerbujurKaku and embrace what sounds like Aqua singing in another language, sped-up, cut-up, glitched-up, and set to some heavy dancefloor beats. It's a good thing that most of TerbujuKaku's breakcore jams clock in at under 2 minutes, because your head might very well explode after the 3 minute mark.

These bass-heavy, epileptic sounds come from an Indonesian artist named Phleg, via the Yes No Wave netlabel, which is also based in Indonesia. Check out the label's site for more awesome South Asian sounds!

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indonesia, breakcore
Subversifitch on 03/10/2010 at 12:51PM

Akwalek - Outerspace Backyard Spasms

- Artist: Akwalek

- Album: Outerspace Backyard Spasms

- Netlabel: illphabetik

- Release Date : 11 - 11 - 2009






" Untie your safety belt. Now! Be showered by happily violent breakbeats, as if sent flying by a horde of wild automatic ravens on crack ripping a corpse to pieces, being carried over a stormy sea of artfully bursting sounds, the gust spraying your face, being pushed forward and chased by the giant beat-monster with the bass-club hitting you left-right, left-right... If it beats you down? Well... Hooray! Everything looks bigger from the bottom of the sound-lake. And the sweetest melodies will take you to the hospital, where they will make your ears grow wings. If "well-constructed" wouldn't sound so terrible lame, it would fit here. Elegance and vehemence and energy. This is obviously made by someone, who knows very well what he is doing. Because as much as might feel blown away in the course of listening, in the end, he's got you right where he wanted you to be. In awe (great place, actually). "

Released for free @


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