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Axletree on 08/25/2017 at 05:06AM

Album Review - 'Creation' by Borrtex

The cover of "Creation" by Borrtex.

Grand, moving & cinematic.

Clearly an artist who likes a challenge, Borrtex has taken on the whole of creation with his new album, which includes song titles like ‘sun’ and ‘moon’, ‘plants’, ‘animals’, ‘ocean’ and ‘sky’. It’s a tall order to represent such grand ideas in music, but Borrtex has brought together a diverse range of sounds to create a textured work that lives up well to it’s ambitions. Whether it’s delicate drops of ‘light’, or the syncopated bells on ‘plants’, or the deep earthy drums and moving chord progressions that play out through the work, the sense throughout the album is that nature is moving, in its own mysterious and powerful ways, through the music, which reflects it and brings it to life. It is a soundtrack album, and has that cinematic quality we might associate with fantasy works like Game of Thrones, but also, at certain moments, a subtlety and gentleness which makes it accessible and listenable, and in places, really quite beautiful.

I got in touch with Borrtex to ask him a little about the album, Prague, and the future for his music:


Axletree: Throughout the album you've used titles related to nature - what role does nature play in your work?

Borrtex: Yes, I have used the titles related to nature, specifically to creation of Earth. As I'm a Christian and I do believe in God, I used titles and chronological order from Bible's book of Genesis, which describes the creation of Earth by God. So you can basically hear some kind of transformation from universe and darkness to plants, animals and finally even the greatest part of creation; the human race.

Axletree: What's the music scene like in Prague? Do you find it conducive to creativity?

Borrtex: Prague is amazing. It's definitely a great place to go and relax, we have a nice historic background here and if you go just a little bit outside of Prague, you can find beautiful views of nature. But to be honest, when it comes to composing, it doesn't affect me too much. I'm really just trying to make the best of me when I'm making music and the best place for that will always be my imagination.

Axletree: Is this just the beginning for Borrtex? How do you think things will progress for you musically?

Borrtex: I want to try new things. Right now, after the Creation was released, I want to focus more on composing individual tracks, so I want to release more singles and then I will probably start working on my new album, which I hope to be a little bit of something new.


We will look forwards to seeing how Borrtex redirects his musical talents in the future, but for now you can download ‘Creation’ here:

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