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littleglassmen on 03/14/2017 at 06:31PM

Just released 40+ tracks under Attribution License!

Hey FMA fam!

I'm stoked to announce the release of more than 40 LGM tracks under an Attribution 3.0 license.  That's 2 hrs and 51 minutes of mostly chilled instrumental beats (Future Shapes is more EDM) perfect for syncing to media or just listening to. All unreleased, and from the abyssal depths of my hard drive, I figure these do no good sitting around when there are people out there in need of new music. Hopefully I can empower you with these songs.

Lookout for albums Future Shapes, Simplify, The Age of Insignificance and The Jewel and Me to check it out.

For licensing beyond creative commons get in touch and we can work something out. I also have a ton of experience in custom scoring so if you are in need I can help with that as well. Check out my website to see some of the projects I've worked on.

I look forward to seeing all of your awesome work and come say hi on instagramfacebook & soundcloud.

Enjoy! (and theres more on the way :)

Ryan Claus aka LGM


Teaser below. 

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macedonia on 07/24/2010 at 12:02PM

Bonobo Live at KEXP: This One's A "Keeper"...

Bonobo at KEXP April 25, 2010. Photography by Jill Rachel.

Simon Green has recorded several albums under the name Bonobo, but none that have been as well received as his latest full-length, Black Sands.  He's at his most symphonic with this one, the swell of strings and the arrangement of chopped-up jazz drum solos adding to the cinematic feel of the release.  Much has been made of his collaborations with the sole vocalist on the album, the captivating Andreya Triana.  It's easy to see why once you hear "The Keeper."  It's a bittersweet and melancholy tune, one that's dressed with xylophone riffs, rhythm guitar, and a languid hip-hop backbeat in its original version.

Stripped down to Triana's amazing vocals and some guitar work, this live version from the KEXP studios is a special one, indeed.  Even without the extra elements featured on the album, this song still delivers and exceeds the emotion felt in the original.  Make sure to check out the video featuring the album version of the song after the jump...

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