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“Black Pus” (Used 2 times)

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doncbruital on 08/04/2009 at 06:11AM

Anarchic Self-Reliance: Black Pus

Let's start by defining art. Free of braggadoccio, with an eye toward maintaining some charitable humility for all that we as mortals don't hardly understand, we might conceive of artistic expression as a means of stoking the universe's natural fires of mystery, of approximating their epic wonder, of exalting in their glow. Quite obviously in this conception humankind may be regarded as rather small, a group of perennial attempters doing their damnedest to point to something which, being ineffable, can't hardly be taken in in its entirety; the blind men and the elephant, like. Not for a second do I buy, for instance, that goofy brand of Objectivist self-worship that, lilting in worship over humanity's ability to build a high-rise, only represses its mind in the service of control. No, humanity is fundamentally imperfect--that's the point--and as for control, well, there ain't none.

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black pus