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herr_professor on 05/18/2010 at 12:51PM

Binärpilot Again!

Gremlins have infiltrated the TCTD media empire, causing mass technical blahs in the bloop matrix so this one will have to be quick. Binärpilot was featured on the FMA blog before but he has since taken control of his FMA profle with more uploads for your enjoyment, including this wonderful ep from 8bitpeoples. Enjoy it, and catch you guys in seven.

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herr_professor on 02/23/2010 at 10:00AM

God is my Binärpilot

When the Micromusic trend first started gaining traction in the late 90's, a key aspect of it was blending of chip music with existing styles in a club friendly way. One of the earliest and most prolific of these early artists has to be Binärpilot. Similar in approach to Psilodump, Binärpilot takes chip instruments and produces them using the same tactics as an experienced club producer, allowing the chip sounds to more easily compete with their expensive mainstream cousins on the beefiest of systems.

Binärpilot also is a big fan of the free music movement, with every one of his releases available for free, as well included in this giant torrent on The Pirate Bay. His seminal Commodore64+ release Remember C64? is uploaded for your approval, enjoy my favorite track Otosclerosis, and see you next time.

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