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jason on 01/14/2013 at 03:30AM

Dalibor Picks The Best Creative Commons Metal

We invited Dalibor from Free Metal Albums to present his favorite Creative Commons metal releases. Free Metal Albums shares our initials, and spreads the word about amazing, often annonymous, metal bands from French power metal band Holy Pain to the symphonic female-fronted Hungarian group Obsidian Shell. Nuno Anes founded Free Metal Albums from Portugal in May 2007, and Dalibor took over in August of 2012. Dalibor runs Free Metal Albums in parallel to his original free music site, W H I T E  R A V E N.

Holy Pain - Last Sigh

Aching Beauty - L'Ultima Ora

Molecul - Где нет места цифрам…осталась ЛЮБОВЬ?
download from the FMA

Obsidian Shell - Elysia

ID:VISION - Plaszmadkaos

Check out Free Metal Albums and White Raven for more of Dalibor's selections.

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jason on 01/09/2013 at 11:00AM

Best of 2012: Recent Music Heroes' Picks

Recent Music Heroes ( is a free music review site from Estonia run by Kert Semm, a journalist and musician (Autharktos). He says, "My blog's purpose is to spread the word about those artists who have no possibility to find their way to well-known sites and webzines."

Recent Music Heroes' Favorite Free CC Albums of 2012:

Bisamråtta - Bisamråtta (Vulpiano)

Последние Каникулы - Ромашка (self-released)

Radio Royal - RRDL01 (Clinical Archives)
download from the FMA

Algesis - Mosaic Relics (Subwise)

Pollux - My Beautiful Melancholia (Sirona-Records)
download from the FMA

C.Scott - Stage Theory (Beats vol. 3) (self-released)

Saito Koji - Again (Resting Bell)

Aboombong - Anaphora

Plusplus - Game Over (La bèl)

2 additional favorite not-free cc albums:
Lauki - 69º54´S-135º12´E (Audio Gourmet)

Joxfield ProjeX - Insult on the Dance Floor (Tin Can Music)


Recent Music Heroes' Favorite Free CC Tracks of 2012:

Favourite tracks
CocolixeGiving Myself To You
Algesis - Fugue State
Leonardo Rosado - Variation In White #3
C. ScottEnjoyable To Know
PlusplusSong For Sonny
Joxfield ProjeX – Stir Fry Fish


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dvd on 01/08/2013 at 10:00AM

Best of 2012: dvd's Picks

a tough nut to crack

Hey! I'm David - former FMA librarian, admin, and thing-doer. I spent a lot of time this year hunting the virtual stack for lost gems and Creative Commons treasures, and I come to you now with my Top 10 Albums to hit the Free Music Archive in 2012. They're presented below in alphabetical order... enjoy the tunes, and here's to another couple years of free sonic goodness at the FMA!


Hisko Detria

Static Raw Power Kraut

As a sucker for all things Krautrock, this Creative-Commons licensed demo from Finnish psych-rockers Hisko Detria hit all the right buttons for me. Long cuts of interstellar guitar/keyboard explorations, delay-laden vocal outbursts, and a steady rhythm section from a group that doesn't shy away from its influences. Looking forward to hearing them build on this sound in 2013!


Howie Mitchell & Ruth Meyer


If you haven't been keeping up with The Howie Tapes pseudo-label here at the FMA, then you're missing out on some of the, er... freshest archival recordings on the net. David Mitchell, son of famed Hammered Dulcimer player Howie Mitchell, has been methodically digitizing and releasing his father's recordings - so far dating all the way back to this unreleased 1958 tape. They're all excellent!

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pluspunkt on 01/04/2013 at 07:00AM

Best of 2012: Nice Cover, Great Music

My name is Moritz Grünke. I am an artist based in Berlin, working with riso printing and design. I am very into artzines, which is why I write a blog about self-publishing artists, and I am one half of the small press called Gloria Glitzer (with Franiska Brandt). I also support the Free Music Archive as a community curator.

Nice Cover is my collection of great sounds and beautiful cover artworks that I really enjoy. It's a blog dedicated to free music, mostly under Creative Commons, and I also encourage supporting the artists via flattr, donations, purchases and other means.


Favorite Creative Commons Albums of 2012:

Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band - The Ferret Show (Up it Up Records)

abc100 - exit site (Headphonica)

Machine Death - Machine Death (Wood and Wire)
download from the FMA

Plastic Jazz Orchestra - 39° (Headphonica / 2419)

SunWalker - Yoncalla (dontrustheruin)
Lucky Dragons - Existers (Swill Children)


Favorite Creative Commons Tracks of 2012:

Nainen farina by Violeta Päivänkakkara — »Kuu« (La Gramola)
Time Bending by Phonotrash — »Elsewhere« (Headphonica)
Big Up by Grace et Volupte — »Van Van« (Dogmazic)
Slow Burning Bliss by Dead Times – »S/T« (Bad Panda)
Old Time Primitives by Big Blood — »Old Time Primitives« (Dontrustheruin)
Steps, Stairs, Mountains & Valleys by The Plastic Jazz Orchestra — »39°« (Headphonica / 2419)
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NetMusic_Life on 12/28/2012 at 10:00AM

Best of 2012: Drizzi (NetMusic Life)

Hello, I’m Drizzi from North-West Italy. I started NetMusic Life in June 2010 to feed my growing passion for the netlabels movement and Creative Commons Music. Every day, I keep up to date about new CCMusic and netlabel releases. There's so much music out there, I select music that reflects my personal taste, the originality of work, the inspiration and sentiment that I feel into the music that I listen.  This is my contribution to the artists and netlabels that every day offer your art and commitment to the world. 

Favorite Free CC Albums of 2012:

Cherly KaCherly - Misadventure of a Meaty Machine (Birdsong)

Indian Wells - Night Drops (Bad Panda Records)

mmpsuf - Retina (Sutemos)
download from the FMA

Plusplus - Game Over (La bèl netlabel)

Talk Less, Say More - England Without Rain (Records On Ribs)

The Aaron Boudreaux Special - Summer Between Somewheres

The Plastic Jazz Orchestra - 39° (Headphonica)

Various Artists - "Hope 3.0" (Element Perspective)

Favorite free cc tracks:

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Headstand 2012 End of Year Mix
Suhov - "Take 9" (04:55)
Suhov - "Take 9" (04:55)
Stendek - "seiza" (06:46)
Stendek - "seiza" (06:46)
Bob Purse - "My Eye" (03:34)
Bob Purse - "My Eye" (03:34)
Furtherset - "I Know" (04:25)
Furtherset - "I Know" (04:25)

2012 FMA's Favorites
Inch Chua - "Hurt" (04:27)
Inch Chua - "Hurt" (04:27)
Archipelago - "Char" (04:34)
Archipelago - "Char" (04:34)
Pile - "Pigeon Song" (04:10)
Pile - "Pigeon Song" (04:10)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith - "Build an Army" (03:37)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith - "Build an Army" (03:37)
Jahzzar - "I need" (02:46)
Jahzzar - "I need" (02:46)

Favorite FMA Discoveries of 2012
Pierlo - "Barbarian" (04:29)
Pierlo - "Barbarian" (04:29)