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“Ben Greenberg” (Used 2 times)

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MartyMcSorley on 10/18/2010 at 02:45PM

Mission Hubble launches live on Marty McSorley's show

This project is so new that Ben Greenberg, the axe slaying front man (and only man) behind the magic, still isn't even quite sure if Hubble is simply the name of the piece, or his new solo direction as a whole. The punk rock prodigy has played in groups ranging from ear splitting hardcore bands like pygmy sherws to the paint pealing sonic forces of some of the harshest avant-jazz groups I have ever experienced live (Zs and Little Women).

Shedding the band format, Greenberg is able to explore more free space in his music as well as experiment with the pleasures of playing with himself, but Ben never falls down the mastabatory abyss that has ben known to suck in many a young slayers. Hubble is a careful, crafted and hard-core sensual experience for all. The man clearly knows what he is doing.

Armed with one of those clear guitars that we both grew up watching the Locust play, plus a little bit of echo, and a loop station that he treats like a gear shift rather than a crutch, Ben Greenberg is able to transport his raw, disjointed Harry Pussy-style riffs into audio galaxies far far away (and usually reserved for the likes of Tangerine Dream). This stuff is the real deal

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