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Hanley on 08/05/2016 at 03:07PM

A Perfect Song In Your Perfect Bedroom


Life can be perfect sometimes, you know?

One of the best relaxing moments that can possibly happen in your life is to enjoy a certain song, to put this song over and over again, until you might hate it, but in the meantime, you love it. No matter what is the genre of the song you like to listen, I know you have your favourite one at the moment. Think of the song you would like to listen to, right now, straight away, what would it be?


This song inspires you so much you can make everything possible like if you were a superhero, a creative person, a cineaste, a famous writer or an impressive dreamer. Speaking of dreams, listening to a song you love need to be in a chilling environment, in a place you feel confortable to be in. What could be better than your lovely bedroom filled with your favourites bedroom furniture and decoration? I got you, a cup of tea and biscuits as well can be nice. 

Your bedroom is your private area, away from the other members of your family or roommates. You feel everything is at the right place, even if the place can get messy sometimes, it doesn’t matter it is your own room and you can do whatever you want to. (Don’t tell your mum I said that).

The matter of perfection can be hard to define as perfection is hard to reach but it is important for every human being to enjoy every moment of life. It is easier than you think it is! Indeed, in very short moments a 2-minute song, your favourite song, make sure you totally lose yourself, dreaming about your next job or simply thinking about how life is wonderful and sweet, when you are with your music in your bedroom.

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dvd on 06/18/2012 at 12:00PM

MP3 of the Day: Isle of Pine, "Coat of Arms (Farther Away)"

Isle of Pine is the solo project of Montreal's Tim Beeler, whose self-imposed recording limitations saturate his  personable songwriting with a familiar 4-track tape hiss bliss. Recorded through a $4 karaoke microphone, And Farther Away is brought to us by curator CKUT out of McGill University. Coat of Arms (Farther Away) is the album opener, but be sure to check out 1 (Maine) if you're looking for even more Neutral Milk Hotel vibes.

Isle of Pine on:

Free Music Archive | Bandcamp


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