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MikeMatthews on 04/09/2011 at 04:58AM

HEY ROSETTA! on the podcast THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH with Mike Matthews!

Mike talks to characters from his podcast THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!

HERE is EFFIZODE 26 of THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH with MIKE MATTHEWS and his special guest HEY ROSETTA!Listen here... this is Mike Matthews boarding the bus that takes us to THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH.  Today's half hour of happy includes more of our interview with the phenomenal Newfoundland band Hey Rosetta! plus Chely Shoehart our 18 year old giftshop supervisor discovers a horrible secret about herself and Floyd the Floorman finally puts his foot down!  In a bucket!  What's up with him?  It's all coming up next at THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!Glen Beck is leaving Fox.  Here's the's not like he's retiring.  He's still going to be on radio and doing little features and still having a presence across the so called "un-liberal media."  Is the Tea Party turning into a party of quitters?  Palin?  Beck?  Is it "we're going to take BACK America!" or "I'm going to take a nap...on my BACK."This week we explore the very prevalent phenomena in our culture of aging rockstars.  What was once deemed cooler than cool is now turning into a bunch of guys who can't hit high notes that smoked way too much and just aged like the rest of us...or aged worse than the rest of us (but had fun doing it!).  I'm hearing a lot lately about what it's like to work for Google.  I think that I will never be able to work there, but if I did I would be treated to free laptops, free computer swag of all sorts, a cafeteria that is being completely misnomered by calling it that for it's more like a gourmet restaurant with incredibly healthy food and every service under the sun: on sight doctors, fitness trainers, doggy kennels, childcare.  Utopia has been found on Earth and its name, strangely enough, is Google!Oh, by the way, here's something else I found out...If you're looking for a job and you think you've got an "in" somewhere and it turns out one day that your "in" person tells you, "Oh, you want a job here?  I can't help you.  You have to apply like everybody else."  This happened to a friend of mine.  How is that person even an "in" person?  People claim they "know" people all the time.  If you live here in the Bay Area, stop thinking that you're special that you know someone at Pixar!  EVERYONE knows someone at Pixar!  Someone in my computer class said they knew someone at Pixar and they "were so cool to work for!"  Yeah, you know what?  It's Hollywood.  When they're making a movie, nobody goes home.  It's work all day and night.  You have no life.  Working for Pixar is your life so you might as well find a nice little overpriced (even in this economy) condo in Emeryville and just not even move in cuz you'll never live there.  I had my head bitten off in computer class for saying that.  "No programmers have lives!" said one of the young pock marked fresh faces sitting next to me.  Well, go for it, little youngin'!  Tell me how that works out for you when you're 40 and you've gone through 80 relationships with women who didn't want to stick around because you were never around cuz you were working on the next disney-formulaic movie to get nominated (and not win) for Best Picture.Oh...excuse me.  I watched a Lewis Black special last night.  in a ranting mood!In my intro song for this week's show I sing about how I overheard someone (this also happened to be in my computer class...god I get some material from that class!) get upset because someone else was invading their personal space.  You know what invades my personal space?  I've said it before, but people yelling on their cellphones in a public place.  How can we be living in 2011, the cellphone being around for well over 20 years, and people are still yelling on those?  Etiquette, people!  I don't care how your friends talk on the cellphone when in the privacy of your own group, when you're loud, you're loud!  We can ALL here you!  If we were smart, we should all tell you EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID when you end your call.  You want privacy?  I don't think so!Thanks a lot Lewis!  You've made my blog more ranty than usual.  Okay.  Well, enjoy this week's show.  Hey Rosetta! and their lead singer, Tim Baker, talk to us in more of our interesting interview with them, plus, as you read earlier, craziness ensues with some of the cafe characters.  Subscribe on iTunes at... week it's more of our interview with singer/songwriter Irene Pena as well as a visit from the Disgruntled Fiddle Player and the Brewmaster.  We could all use a brew these days!

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MikeMatthews on 03/26/2011 at 10:52PM

Mike Matthews interviews singer/songwriter Irene Pena!

Mike talks to the characters of his podcast THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!

HERE IS effizode 24 of THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH with special guest IRENE PENA!This is Mike Matthews bringing you another show from the one place on Earth that is the LAST place on Earth!  We have some great music waiting for us and Chely Shoehart, our 18 year old giftshop supervisor, makes a return appearance!  This week we have a very talented singer/songwriter from Seattle named Irene Pena.  She and I have an interesting backstory.  No, she's not an ex or anything like that!  We used to work at the same crazy corporation together!  And I mean CRAZY!!!  I ended up lingering within that very lopsided business far longer than Irene did, and it was to my own peril!  I ended up moving my wife and I to another state and then I got let go after a year.  Um, any cab money for the ride home, guys?  Oh, yeah, and that was one big BOYS CLUB!  And no, not the cool 80's band that featured members from The Jets and had one hit song "I Remember Holding You."  No, this was a bunch of unregulated a-holes pardon my francais!But after 2 years and several podcasts later, I don't miss that nutty company.  Yet thanks to social networks and the shrinking landscape in which we live, I was able to reconnect with Irene and hey!  She listens to the show!  So she's on this week.  Her self-penned tunes are awesome and you can hear them all right here!So my last guest, Hey Rosetta!, might be getting me onto the radio.  There was someone affiliated with them who is letting stations know about this show beyond what can do.  At some point we might be on the radio again!  If we just remain on the Internet forever, however, I don't mind because I know that listeners like you are loyal and I shall continue producing this show for you!  I am trying to get this show on the campus radio station of the community college I go to.  Of course, they don't respond to emails, even from student accounts supplied by the very college they work for, so I must track down the program director to ask if I can play this show on their airwaves.But stronger than airwaves, please tell all your friends about this show.  We can build this thing!  It's a regular show that's out every week that promotes cool artists and gives you a fun audio alternative to all the other stuff.  Which brings me to other podcasts out there.  Really, it's all down to just radio and tv podcasts as well as big name celebrity podcasts.  Where are the in-home made podcasts?  Where are the not-big names?  I wanna hear something different!  I wanna hear a music show that's also got comedy and variety in it!  When I look up podcasts using the "music" tag, all I get is just music.  Shouldn't it have talking in it since it's called a podcast?  If it's just music, maybe it shouldn't be called a podcast.  Maybe it should be called an album!Oh, and I'm really tired of turkey meat.  Just thought I'd say that.  The ground kind.  Used to think it was amazing.  Now, just tired o' it.So as rain cascades down and various storm drains become backed up, and oh how I praise you precious storm drains!, here is effizode number 24... can also subscribe on iTunes at!  Next week it's more of our interview with Eliza Doolittle who has since been at SXSW and featured in Entertainment Weekly Magazine!See you then!Mike

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MikeMatthews on 03/03/2011 at 05:43PM


Mike talks to characters from TLPOE!

Hello!  This is Mike Matthews taking the bus to THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!  This week we have a very special guest all the way from England named Eliza Doolittle.  Her debut album has gone platinum over there and now it's being released here in the States!  We'll talk to her and find out interesting tidbits you can't find out anywhere else with a singer who is constantly honored on "you tube" in her home country.  Her album comes out here on March 22nd.  I can not believe gas prices!  They're blaming it on Libya but reports say most of their gas doesn't go to us but to Europe.  I think they blame anything to crank the prices up.  Ow, I hurt my finger, crank gas prices up.  Do my bidding!People were protesting FOX news in Wisconsin while they were there covering the union issues going on.  Now can we all get together and protest EVERYTHING that's on TV?  It's all crap!  I am forcing myself to watch the Oscar's this weekend, but then, that's it!  Amazon's competing with Netflix now with their special streaming movies feature.  I never have to watch TV again!Next week we'll feature some of the "unheard" bits of my interview with singer/songwriter Ben Wilkins.  We'll also hear from the cafe characters including Chely Shoehart, the Disgruntled Fiddle Player, Benita the Rodeo Queen, Floyd the Floorman, Valentino the Parking Attendant, Bison Bentley, The Brewmaster, and John Boehner.  I know how much you miss them!So here's EFFIZODE NUMBER 20!  Yayyy!  I've finally produced a podcast that has gone to TWENTY!!!  I'm so happy!  Listen to the Eliza interview and find out about my recent "open mic" (the first one I've done in over FIVE YEARS!!!).  Click on the link below to hear the podcast... can subscribe on iTunes at!Mike

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efd on 04/08/2010 at 12:00PM

Bare Wires: Smooth Punk from Oakland CA

Back on the night of Tuesday, June 30, I was checking out a bunch of singles that had recently been added to the WFMU New Bin. As soon as dropped the tonearm onto "Let Down" by the Bare Wires I was hooked by the arresting feedback-laden guitar combined with the breathy, almost sweet-sounding vocals. Encouraged, I flipped the record over and was rewarded by "Looking For Some Action," which sounded like it almost could have been an old Real Kids outtake.

I played both sides of the single that night, and then played it again (just one side) the following week. And the week after that. And the week after that. I played that record for 12 weeks in a row, and the only thing that stopped me from playing it on that 13th week was that I'd gotten myself a copy of their LP, Artificial Clouds.

About halfway through those twelve weeks of repeated spins I contacted Matthew Melton, the Bare Wires' singer/guitar player/songwriter, with hopes that the band would be heading out east from their base in Oakland, CA. Sadly no such tour was forthcoming at the time, but the cliche "good things come to those who wait" is a cliche for a reason. In March they set off on an extensive tour across the country and back, and we're very happy that they came by to record a set at WFMU on what would have otherwise been a free Saturday afternoon in New York City.

Ironically, for all the talk of that single, by the time the band made it out this way they'd gone through some lineup changes and written a bunch of new songs and neither song from the single is currently in their repertoire. That's certainly not to say that their set was a disappointment - it absolutely was not. Melton is continuing to write short catchy garage-punk songs -- enough for another LP, which will be coming out in a few months on John Dwyer's (Oh-Sees, Coachwhips, etc.) label Castle Face.

While we wait for that album to come out, give a listen to this fantastic live set, which includes songs from the new LP as well as some from Artificial Clouds.

Thanks to Bare Wires for coming down, and to Diane Kamikaze for working her usual magic behind the board.

Bare Wires are on tour now, tourdates here

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