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cheyenne_h on 07/23/2018 at 11:08AM

Rod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal's "Enchanted Forest" Is Beautiful, Haunting, and Complex

The "Enchanted Forest" of Rod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal is a many-splendored listen. Each track has its own texture and unique flow. The opening, title track introduces the album in a calming, meditative way, but the rest of the album veers from that path often, to introduce new sonic landscapes. "Know Your Birds" helps you learn to identify birdcalls.  "Tryptic Dance" trots along with arpeggiating synths, drum machines, and live-looped marimba to encourage trancelike listening, and then hits you with a synth solo that is as unexpected as it is appropriate, it flits around the track with the random calculations of a moth circling a flame. "Orange Sunshine" brings the album full circle, ending in a place that is similar to where it began. 

This Baltimore duo is making something in the tradition of many other new age artists working around the world, bringing this gentle, progressive music form back into the limelight. If you enjoy music that is progressive, layered electronic, or vaguely educational, you may want to give this one a listen. 

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lizb on 11/04/2010 at 12:30PM

Dustin Wong flutters across the fretboard

Photo by Mehan (CC by-nc-nd)

Jitters, beauty, and blissed out guitar loop magic all converged on my radio program this week, when Baltimore musician Dustin Wong stopped by for a live set.

Scenes from Dustin's illustrious past include playing guitar in two of my favorite bands of recent years: high-energy spazzers Ponytail and intricate dualing guitar melodists Ecstatic Sunshine. That's one hell of a resume! Amazingly, Dustin's new solo material is equally fantastic as his work in other projects, and it even takes his talent in a new and exciting direction.

Dustin Wong's lovely new album of looped guitar orchestrations is called "Infinite Love: A Square Defining A Circle" (Thrill Jockey); it's a variety pack of sorts guaranteed to earn brownie points with any date, featuring two LPs/CDs entitled "Brother" and "Sister" (which start out the same, but then diverge), plus a DVD.

His performance on my radio show (excerpt below) mirrors the style on "Infinite Love." Layers are added to a simple theme and gradually, pauses are filled with playful harmonies, building a complex and beautiful piece that effortlessly transitions into the next idea. When Dustin performs live, you can almost see a miniature symphony of phantom guitars playing along above his shoulders.

Be sure to catch Dustin live in a city near you -- he's on tour with Avocado Happy Hour and Holy Ghost Party (both of Baltimore), playing everywhere from Vermont to California, and then coming back to the East coast again at the end of November. Tour dates/venues here. Also be sure to check out Dustin's bilingual (English/Japanese) blog. Baltimore music fetishists and those interested in the city's latest "soft music" scene, should swing by Bmore Musically Informed for tons of songs/photos/videos.

The archive of Dustin's full live set on WFMU is available as streaming audio here, along with a short interview.

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MartyMcSorley on 05/25/2010 at 01:30PM

Future Islands / Double Dagger live at WFMU, May 2010

Nolen Strals of Double Dagger, live at WFMU (more photos here, and photos of Future Islands here)

I try not to repeat myself too often, but after hearing the new Future Islands album, learning their Danzig channeling vocalist was fresh off knee reconstruction surgery (stemming from an injury he sustained while moonlighting as a hype man for the Dan Deacon Ensemble), and hearing that they were hitting the road with new Thrill Jockey labelmates and Baltimore homies Double Dagger, I had to drop them a line. I was then doublely stoked after they asked if Double Dagger could come up as well. We had to make it happen.

Both of these three-pieces go after, destroy and rebuild any kinda label you might want to try to put on them. Future Islands constructs these amazingly pretty, tranced out, intense pop ballads that would move Robert Smith to tears of joyous sadness on the dance floor. Double Dagger somehow manages to whittle down and jam pack every sound you loved form 90’s post hardcore into a two liter bottle of drums & bass power punch, and add in Nolen Strals’s curiously strong vocals and we have an explosive combination that you maybe tempted to compare to Fugazi (but do so at your own risk).

The fact that we actually got these sets recorded was amazing! We thought it would be a good idea to schedule the session at ten a.m. the morning after the New York release party for Future Islands’ new album In Evening Air. Let's just say getting up after a record-setting night for Death by Audio’s bar and then having to fight though an army of cyclists on a five-borough tour did not make for the timeliest arrival... but big ups to both bands for powering though and delivering great performances and big thanks to Dave Mambach for manning the audio controls and making everything sound great and to my boss for letting me come into work an hour late.

Hope you enjoy the sets!!!
Double Dagger  |  Future Islands  |  WFMU Playlist & Stream for Marty McSorley 5/5/2010

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Nat_Roe on 02/24/2010 at 04:06PM

Judge Judy: Teeth Mountain v. Shams

Lord, this one sounded too good to be true when I heard it was in the works a few months back.  And it also helps confirm my suspicion that all the stuff on Judge Judy, Maury, Springer, what have you, are totally made up.  On Monday's episode of Judge Judy, Teeth Mountain's Kate Levitt accused Jonathan Coward, AKA Shams, of killing her cat by throwing a TV on top of it.  The witnesses are Andrew Burt from Teeth Mountain and Narwhalz, who unfortunately doesn't speak much in court but who distinctly refers to Judy as "Mama".  For you animal lovers, this story is not true - although Shams does fuck around with dead birds on stage and burn them as part of rituals or something.  I'm not sure if they're dead when he finds them.

Teeth Mountain are on tour right now in the Northeast US, making their way to Mexico in March -- tourdates here. More Teeth Mountain on the FMA here

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pluspunkt on 10/05/2009 at 07:00AM

Nice Cover - Hazardous Guadalupe

Hazardous Guadalupe from Baltimore with their album Vegetable Bibliography. Again a collage-style cover. But this one ist different. A limited edition of 100 cds with hand-made sleeves designed by Decapitated Hed.

Two different sleeves of this album you'll find here and here.

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