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BTurner on 11/21/2010 at 01:00PM

The Scientists live at ATP-2010

The_scientists This past September WFMU traipsed up to Kutshers Resort in Monticello, New York for a third yearly broadcast of the grand All Tomorrow's Parties, and we were especially excited to be plugging in the recorders Friday night as we'd landed permission from Kim Salmon to broadcast and archive the legendary Scientists! Starting off as a Perth-based punk band of the 70s, a move to Sydney in the 80's (and eventually London) found the Scientists morphing into one of the best Australian bands of all time. Like kindred spirits the Gun Club, and fellow countrymen the Birthday Party, Salmon and company defined blooze-ooze and gutter dwelling while equally purveying a lofty sense of style and poetry; their timeless nature easily defined by putting on a platter like Blood Red River (played in its entirety this night), or seeing their image floating around the DNA of later bands like Mudhoney, Chrome Cranks, Blues Explosion and many more. At ATP, we heard rumors of minimal (or no) rehearsal, but from the first scrape of "Set It On Fire" the timespan seemed nonexistent and Salmon's yowl no less bone-rattling. Take a dig via the Free Music Archive, where you can check out more archived sets from WFMU's 2008, 2009 and 2010 broadcasts. You can also check the WFMU site and stream of some of the non-downloadable sets we aired from this year here, including Hallogallo, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney and White Hills.

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DylanGoing on 10/14/2010 at 12:00PM

"God, look how small we look from up here!"

Being a music festival, the experience at the ATP weekend isn't thoroughly grounded in any traditional sense of reality. Already seatbelting themselves into a commitment to a full work week's worth of entertainment, guests enjoy the supplemental bonus of attending the unsettlingly traditional Kutsher's Resort and Country Club, oasis of the Catskills 1970. Without any jursidiction from father time and mother space to keep anyone focused, a strong "No parents!" vibe rules the weekend and the fine line between "anything goes" and "WTF" disappears and reappears at random. Soon, Ron Jeremy's chumming it with your crew and you're being offered to smoke with DJ Kool Herc at 5 AM while Albini's poker tournament upstairs has yet to finish. It was easy to lose track of any sense about how the world works.

Much of ATP's and Jim Jarmusch's programming over the weekend dealt with performers in the psychedelic kingdom, audiences regularly careened into space on the extraplanetary saddles of guitar solo after guitar solo. At Fursaxa's turn at bat, backed up by cellist Helena Espvall and Mary Lattimore on full-size harp, they decided to forego the rocket ship method in favor of gently lofting the audience to the heavens on a hot air balloon stream of looped vocals and string accompaniments, finishing off the set with the stellar, seven minute "Sidhe," that seemed to mimic the sound of the 400 people all breathing together at a pace that deviated from any other point in the weekend. The effect took hold and left everyone in the ballroom completely inundated, many on their backs in "carpet angel" pose nowhere closer to reality.

Listen to the full 40 minute set below. Fursaxa's 2010 studio album on ATP Recordings, Mycorrizhae Realm, also features Epsvall and Lattimore.

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fursaxa, atp-ny-2010
AlexGoldstein on 10/04/2010 at 12:44AM

Dungen Live at ATP-NY 2010

photo Creative Commons BY-SA Jason Persse via flickr

Swedish psychedelic rock band Dungen (pronounced "dune-yen", not "Dungeon", as your Stryper-loving stepbrother may refer to them as) performed an awesome set at the Jim Jarmusch curated ATP last month in Monticello, New York.

While the set covered most of the band's discography, it centered around the group's awesome new LP, Skit i allt, which in English humorously translates to "Fuck it all." That title may have been a bit more appropriate for frontman Gustav Ejstes' early days as a hip hop artist, but there's something about it that's perfect for Dungen's music, which to me occasionally sounds like Eureka-era Jim O'Rourke playing with Selling England By The Pound-era Genesis.

Maybe only I hear that combination... but to me that sounds... awesome! Dungen can be a bit proggy, they can be a bit folky, a bit metal, and sometimes it even seems like in any minute Karen Carpenter might come up and grab the microphone from Gustav and start singing a Burt Bacharach-penned number, especially on "Marken Lag Stilla", from the newest album.

"Mina Damer Och Fasaner", from 2008's 4, was a particular highlight from the set, recalling Gentle Giant and Peter Gabriel (in a good way) and has been made available to download via WFMU below, engineered by Ernie Inradat. Unleash your inner prog nerd!

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