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BorrtexOfficial on 10/31/2017 at 11:41AM

I Composed An Album Within 24 Hours!!

Album Cover - Something Special by Borrtex

Have you ever thought of what it must be like to have only 24 hours to compose and publish an entire album? My friend lately challenged me to go and explore myself by writing the whole album including at least 7 tracks within only one day. It sounded pretty crazy at the beginning!!! But then, when I thought of what it might actually mean to me and how I could practically test my skills and creativity, I decided to accept his challenge and get into it!

I started at 10PM on Saturday 28th of October and went straight through the night. I finished the writing process of all the tracks somewhere about 2PM the next day. I took a short sleep and then I had to edit the sound, mix it together and figure out artworks and upload it everywhere etc... The thing is, you can not think about anything too much complex or difficult during the only 24 hours time span, so my choice right away from the beginning was to go simple; with only one piano instrument and sometimes I added a little bit of orchestral background to it. The goal for me was simple: I wanted to make at least 7 tracks that would have a different melodies and be at least one minute long. And even though it was an incredibly mentally troublesome process, eventually I can say that I'm pretty satisfied with the result I accomplished. So, I would like to challenge you. Take a day off and just challenge yourself, challenge your skills, challenge your talent and try to make an album within only 24 hours! Because, what I believe is that every challenge makes you stronger. It moves you forward. It helps you to discover your imperfections and most importanly it helps you to see your standing and what are the things you should work on and get better in. 

I decided to dedicate the album to my niece Emma, who was born just last week. It was an amazing time to see her for the very first time and realize that I'm an uncle from now on. But also I very much enjoyed writing the melodies for her (even when I had only 24 hours to do so!). I'm happy that my brother and his wife can play my melodies to her when she's sleeping. :)

Feel free to check out the album and use the tracks for any kind of non-commercial purpose! And keep in mind, that those melodies were written only in 24 hours! 


Have a rocking week! :)



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jamesrichings on 07/15/2015 at 09:12PM

Promoting yourself as an artist

You could be one of the best singer songwriters in the world but if you don’t promote yourself well enough, no one will hear and appreciate your music. In fact, some consider promoting yourself the hardest part of being an artist because to a lot of people, writing music is natural but getting people to listen to it is a whole different ball game. So what ways are there to get your music out there and listened to by the public and potential labels who are looking for artists to sign? I spoke with David from, a digital agency located in Bishops Sortford, about music promoting and he mentioned that there are “many ways to promote yourself as an artist” and to not “limit yourself to one particular type or method of promoting”. I pressed him further about some of the different ways and he sent me a short list of some of the most popular and successful ways to get yourself noticed as an up and coming artist.


This is a great way of showcasing your music in a quick, easy and mobile format that can be accessed anywhere and at any time as long as there’s an internet connection. This is probably the most common way of showing people your music and it’s really easy to just copy and paste your track link and send it to people to listen to. Also people can search for your artist name and find your tracks or even search for the tags that you’ve labelled under such as “dubstep” or “hip hop” etc. Sending your tunes off to prospective labels is also really simple as most have a soundcloud drop box which enables fast and easy file sending.


This can be used like soundcloud as in that it’s a great way of getting your music on the internet in an easy to find format, however youtube is known more for videos than audio only so a good way to stand out here is to create some visuals to go with the audio. This doesn’t mean you have to create a multi millions style music video, however creating interesting and relevant visuals that match the music can really help a tracks view count and could be a good USP to your music.


This is a good way to promote yourself as a person/artist rather than promoting your music per say. Twitter is a fast and fun way of interacting with people from all over the world and if you apply this as an artist, it’s a great way to interact with fans and listeners. Artists that interact with their fans will always be much better at promoting themselves than ones that don’t so it’s something to keep in mind. Stay active on twitter and promote yourself as a person and as a musician!


This is quite an old school way or promoting but there’s a reason why it’s still done. It works! Promoting a new track/album by putting up posters around universities, city centres or anywhere that you deem to be appropriate can be a long process but if you make the poster different and eye catching, it will perk some interest. You could also try something different like hidden messages and codes for the viewer to figure out. Anything that imprints your artist name in the back of the minds so the next time they’re on youtube or soundcloud, they type your name in!


Ok it’s more mix CD’s now but it’s the same thing! Creating a Cd with your latest tracks is a great way of getting your music heard by people who wouldn’t usually hear it. It will cost you money of course (the price of the CD’s/labels etc) but it’s a very effective way of getting your tracks out into the local area to create a bit of buzz.

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