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LolaM on 10/10/2017 at 10:23AM

Art and Commodity

I'm an affictionate writer and a huge fan of rock music, remember?

Hence, I'm gonna talk about about the changing attitude towards texts and music.

Once upon a time, when writing and playing/listening to quality music has been a restricted privilege, most of what was written (even if those were accounts and notes) was perceived as a thing having some meta-value. In simple words, a few lines of text weren't merely an everyday means of communication, but they also carried the sublime meaning of pertenence to the elite circles. If a note, regardless of its content, ended up in hands of an illiterate peasant, it would've been perceived as something more valuable than, let's say, a potatoe (unless, of course, there was hunger). I did some minor research for this blog post and stumbled across a super-interesting research of information exchange in pre-literate society:  . In case you're a history/culture nerd like me. 

It was slightly different with music. On the one hand, the skill of playing a musical instrument wasn't universal. On the other hand, everyone could produce certain sounds and arrange them into melody. I'd say, music was valued, but not in the same way as texts because of its relative availability.

Now it's slightly different. Most of us can write and read fluently, this skill's expected from us by default. Even if, by chance, we search google for the  best essay writing services, it's not because we're unable to make it on our own, but because we either expect to get a better result than what we can offer, or we're so overwhelmed with work that we choose to outsource our writings.

With music it's somehow very different these days. Music has accumulated complexity, so the skill of performing or producing music requires tons of knowlege and practice, which we're not being taught in early childhood (or should we be?). Meanwhile, the music market is so huge, with so many free and nearly free options created by professional musicians, that no one attaches real meta-importance to music. While being technically a form of art, it's so omnipresent, it's now a mere commodity. We'd notice if it were gone one day, but so far there's so much of it that the chances of that happening and super-slim.

Meta-meanings seem to be vanishing.

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netlabelday on 05/17/2015 at 07:37PM

A quick update

Netlabel Day is going so nice. We can't be happier right now for all your help and love, and we're pretty sure that you'll keep supporting us because there are lots of free independent music for you: We have more than 80 participating labels and 15 independent artists that will be releasing free music for everyone on July 14. Imagine that!

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Noise_Problems on 11/14/2014 at 11:00PM

Thulebasen video art

We first met Thulebasen at the Festival of Endless Gratitude and were blown away. Their heavy experimental and psychedelic sound has given them a serious rep in the underground music circuit and among those who have been lucky to the see them live. But what also really impressed us is the video art. Awesome videos put out by the label Tambourhinoceros. Raga Gemini and the 18 min Felaia are real odes to joy. Check out also Monster and Forever Grinning on YouTube.


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ARTtube on 07/02/2013 at 06:55PM

First FMA track used in an ARTtube video...

Finding suitable 'free' music for a video soundtrack is usually not an easy feat ... but I think we were very lucky to find this nice track by Tyrannic Toy on FMA. It has several tempo changes which makes it quite versatile.

It is used in a video about American artist Oscar Tuazon, and I think the music track fits quite well with the artist's work. Our video editor did a great job matching the music with the images in the video.

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pluspunkt on 02/06/2010 at 10:12AM

Nice Cover - Primix for Kids

An awesome album by Pierlo and Tracky Birthday, together as Primix For Kids, released on UpitUp.

The artwork cames by the musicans and in my mind it's very lovely.
There is also a very funny minisite for this release. You'll find it here.


Some nice words of Tracky about this Album:

»When I was a kid my favorite game was "the folding game": one person draws a head on a piece of paper, folds that part back so that the other person can only see where the drawing ends. Then the other person has to draw the body, fold that as well and so on. 

My friend Pierlo in Rome and I always wanted to make music together, and we were looking for a good way to bridge the distance without losing the fun. So we tried to copy the principal of the folding game onto our music, creating a technique we like to call primixing, which is different from just remixing. One person prepares the rough base for a song, leaving it open what musical direction to follow. The other person remixes that base and adds new elements, then returns it. This can go back and forth until the song seems complete. 
Unlike making music on your own, you have to keep in mind that what you compose is to be left open and accessable. It is like passing the ball to each other, while it starts out easy and assisting, and turns out difficult, complex or just funny….«

— via UpitUp

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